I was a member of a rock band for many years and did well. Now I concentrate on writing with no particular genre in mind. If you like songs that are heavy on melody than please give a listen.

My Disease
If you are a musician, singer/songwriter than you are driven by the "Disease". You compose because you have no other choice. This song is about "My Disease".

Alternative Retro and Psychedelic

Hell To Pay
Heavy Blues Rock.

Classic and Progressive Rock

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Johannes Just dropped by to mention I started a new page - if you can find some spare time I would appreciate a visit, that's all. Peace, Johannes.
LIZA Just you wait 'enery 'iggings, just you wait! you didn't know I was a closset "Musicals" fan did ya?
Johannes Hi, I play you on one or more of my stations. Put up a Troubled Minds Charts. Please suggest one of your own or coming from a fellow artist. Please - troubled minds only!! Peace - Johannes.
Ash Your song Jesus Save Me was requested by Eaglehead for JAM REQUESTED. Congrats!
AM Just wanted to let you know- The Pop Wave station made it into top 5 stations in the stations contest in June.
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Jilly I never listened toJennifers song before because of the poor production but I'm glad I just listened all the way through now because it was lovely and touching and I can understand why it's so special now.
staggerlee hi---pls listen to my new song, "rain-wide river" when you get a chance. tx
Chris Eaglehead says we thank you for yr kind heart :)
young al Hi Rich. Thanks for calling in. We virtually lead a parallel existence! All the best my friend - Al
Jilly Woof woof !
Jillianne Had another go myself but it's not as good as the Jilly/Rich effort (just better production - but only just ha ha)
Jilly Delete the previous message - changed my mind - again.
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Phil Streets Hey Rich! Gotta couple of new tunes posted. Give a listen when you have a couple of minutes and let me know what you think. Link below. Thanks. Phil
Phil Streets Hey Rich! Gotta couple of new tunes posted. Give a listen when you have a couple of minutes and let me know what you think. Link below. Thanks. Phil
click for Eaglehead - Double 13 - we would really appreciate it if you could find a moment to listen :)
Miles B Tween It seemed a waste not to put something up - hope that's OK?
Chris Eaglehead say many thanx once again :) wah was a crybaby i'm afraid tho (hangs head in disgrace and quietly leaves room)
ps by the way - always meant to say this, your song jesus really remind me of my alltime fave band spirit/randy california - love love love it!!!
Jilly Here's the link to Angelica - I didn't do an Audio Intro on it but I'll let you know how many listens it gets.
Jilly I made it chartable but you can't access it through "new songs"
Steve Ison I've added Come Nightfall to my station..Its a very coo,mellowl song..Nice one
Gilly Thankyou! Myself and my various disguises have been lurking here for a while. So nice to see you all!
Jillianna Hi! How's my favourite "Pasta Master" sorted out that spaghetti you call production yet ? (JOKE to get Italian reference in) - Been busy with Stations! (and "Bring it on Brian") Angelica had 10 plays (don't think it's chartable now) I'll watch for mail.
Gilly Just HAD to put Come Nightfall on my Monsters are People Too station.
JAWZ - 48698 Here's the link Rich. Check PM
Brian Booth/Serendipity Very, very happy to add this here
brian (again) ...and this, here. It took me right back to some very happy days
Jillianne Try a little of my Sweet, Sweet Medicine sometime!
DNGGITGN Welcome - Johannes.
Al Stravinsky Hey Rich... that's great production! Love the solo. Difficult subject matter, well covered. Great to hear from you again. Take care my friend.
phil streets with a kiss is a very interesting mesh of styles RIch. . . and the whole feel is properly disturbing. I think it's the flutes playing a happy little line behind this jerk trying to get in. Well done man! Love the smooth guitar sound you always get.
Glenn Hey Rich! Glad to see you haven't disappeared. You've been added to the Thank You station.
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* Your song 'Love Never Gave Up On You' has just been added to Eleven Songs station!
Al Stravinsky Love never gave up: fine song Rich, one of your best. Hope you and your family are well. Take care - Al
* Your song 'Love Never Gave Up On You' has just been added to Young Al playlist station!
phil Enjoyed "Love Never Gave Up On You" Rich. I see what you mean about the contrast between lyrics and mellow musical feel. It works man! Well done.
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