Inbetween all the rock music I used to play I also listened to lots of Bert Jansch, Paul Simon, James Taylor and John Renbourn, and I must have absorbed a bit of it - sometimes these folky songs just sneak out and I don't know what to do with them. I record them as best I can and post them here. What else would I do? Hope you enjoy them.

Let go based on the true story of Dolly Shepherd, an early 20th century female baloonist/parachutist, which I heard on BBC Radio 4. I decided to keep it simple: just piano and a single vocal. I recorded it and mixed it in one day, mid June 2005.

Folk/Acoustic Rock/Americana

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Brian Booth/Serendipity Hello - this is a new station, in which I'm asking artists who've been on serendipity stations to nominate one of their songs, new or old, for inclusion, with a brief review of what you like about it. Hope you can join in
Betty (again) Naal - let's try again - I'd like you to pick your favourite from your own stuff, and add a note saying why you chose it
Brian Naal - sorry, it might have been me being thick. Here's the new link
Raymond Porter Hi Naal, thanks for the comments on my song and for dropping by and for writing such great music.
Ash Your Song Let Go was requested by Raymond Porter for JAM REQUESTED. Congrats!
Ash Your Welcome! I loves ya!
Ash I just added The snowman to JAM acoustic. Congrats!
Ash Oh your so welcome, it's really a beautiful song. I just want to eat it up. yum! Thank you for coming to visit my little nest. Really was nice having you there.
Ash 4 days later - Naal do you remember a little cartoon that was narrated by David Bowie called The Snowman? I loved that cartoon, it's really a beautiful story. Great animations too.
Naal Ottsun I remember it well. It was based on a very popular book over here written by a chap called Raymond Briggs, and is shown every Xmas day. Yes, it's wonderful!
Ash 20 days later. Well it'll nearly be christmas at this rate and maybe I'll get to see the cartoon again. haha! I haven't seen it for years. Really love that little story. I'm glad you know of it. how coolia! we have something in common :)
Brian Booth Hi Naal - anything new coming up?
brian (again) Yes, i'm back online, requested Butterflies for one of Johannes' stations - didn't know they'd reduced the upload limit, the b*ggers - where else are you playing?
Johannes That's right - The Lighthousekeeper..... Peace - J.
Jilly SWIW Had to have Butterflies too - got your PM (GREAT) will be responding sometime today hopefully - thanks for the compliments btw.
Brian You're welcome, such a great song
Jilly Just listened to Let go because the blurb intrigued me. I loved it, so unusual, so moving, so melodic and touching. The only thing I'd change would be to soft peddle the piano a tad as it fights the vox and distracts attention at times (for me anyway)
Gilly Just Let Go is a piece of utter delight.Beautiful, tender,thoughtful and equisitely sung.
JAWZ Dolly Shepherd! amazing she managed to live so long - what a great story - Ashby-de-la-Zouch is just up the road from me but I've never heard this story - thanks.
Owen Brian booth tuned me in to you. Wonderful. Thanks dude. Where do you play live?
Aaron It was my pleasure catching Butterflies... Welcome to the thread !
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lwj Hiya Naal....finally uploaded a song...nothing complicated....i hope nothings complicated for you either... ;)
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