Liggy is a strolling player - a wandering minstrel who wanders the planet playing and singing to anyone who'll listen.

In Two Minds About You
A song about the indecisive nature of love


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Your touring fan Not in 2 minds about in 2 minds Gilly - Your stuff just taps into my mindset, maybe we're a similar age//upbringing or something but I can imagine myself writing some of your lyrics.
Jilly The orchestration on "Fat Ass" gives it a different feel but you still got the message across in true inspirational style - What's the story behind the rats and which one is Liggy? Passed through Honiton once, interesting shops!!
JAWZ You've been fatured on the 'award winning' JUSTIFICATION STATION with the full JAWZ treatment including a personal AUDIO INTRO - click to see and hear.
Jilly Hey "fatured" was a rather co-incidental typo considering the song title heehee! BTW I sent a message via artists mail (re bio) now I'm thinking it didn't work -I sent others and no-one seems to have recieved them - maybe I'll stick with the shouts.
Jilly I wrote via 'Artists Mail' above did you? because I haven't recieved anything either, what a waste for both of us because it takes a while writing these things sometimes. I was sending my e mail ad and commenting on bio. Ill try PM instead.
Jilly Left PM at Gilly Slinns place!
Steve Ison Hi Liggy..You put 'you're always so nice to me' on my Psychfolk station,but thats the first thing i've ever said to you!
Steve Ison (again) Sorry Liggy..I meant to say 'The Lounge' not Psychfolk!
brian Thanks for the autoselection. Your voice is very different on this one, and I just love that guitar tone
Mortamor & Ash Your music has been requested for JAM NIGHTS by Steve Ison.
Mortamor & Ash Hugh Hamilton is JAM NIGHTS Newest FEATURED ARTIST! Congratulations, Hugh!
Jillianne Never realised before but don't the new graphics go well with the theme of the first song heyhey and though I say it myself they do look 'pretty' good up there (no-one would guess it was you) unless they knocked on your door at 6am ha!
Jilly Thought you'd be please to know the my intro to "Get off my fat ass.." has recieved the most plays of ALL my intros AND songs 671 plays - I really hope this is reflected in your stats too, let me know!
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