TICKET TO THE BEATLES came together in the summer of 1997 with the express purpose of performing the music of The Beatles. Great attention to detail is taken to reproduce faithfully, the sounds that The Beatles forever etched into our memories. Our band decided early on, that it was the music, rather than the image, that we wanted to reproduce. Classic, is the term used to describe great music, and as with any endeavor to capture the classics, a high degree of skill is involved....

The timeless classics of the Fab Four live on in the authentic sounds produced by TICKET TO THE BEATLES. The band was formed in 1997 when Baker Symes (keyboards, guitar, vocals) and Dave Bohannan (guitar, vocals) got together to "play some Beatle tunes." Wayne Givens (bass, vocals) joined them a short time later to add his vocals and to begin recreating the incredible vocal harmonies of John, Paul and George. With the addition of Jim Laverty (drums), the band was complete. In 2005, the TICKET TO THE BEATLES welcomed a new "George" into the band. After a death-defying and harrowing escape from the Blue Meanies of Pepperland, George Smith arrived on a flaming bundt cake and passed the audition.

"Who's Gonna Save The Day?" was written by Wayne Givens, the bass player in TICKET TO THE BEATLES.


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