William J Urmson New song up called New Mexico. Please check it out? Thanx amigo! WJU
Ian Collins New USA single. Exclusive IAC preview. Check it out !
pipandmerry new songs please consider adding thanks merry.
Hugo Have just stumbled onto this station for the first time - no time for a listen but shall return soooooon...
Hugo And have returned, though still just browsing the written word hastily...and now I realize I've been here in one of this station's previous lives...I'm feeling somewhat Egyptian, actually...and cyclic...and perhaps reincarnated...
Steve Ison Haha..Thats made me laugh Hugh......Yes the previous tracks have been 'reincarnated' onto other stations.Energy is never lost-only recycled!
Carl Wow, dunno if I'm more blown away at yer adds and kind words or the number of stations you have. No matter, I thank ye for both. Really appreciated.
Mikayla Lee Please add my new single 'Might As Well Be Me' to your playlist.
The Nimblemen Please consider adding my track "REMEMBER" to your station! Cheers, Mike
veenatai Please visit my page.
DirgeK I am so glad you enjoyed the broadcast and were able to know some of Dirge's personality and so glad that she left this part of herself behind for us all to listen to.Thankyou for recognizing and appreciating her creativity and intelligence
Hugo It's so nice to have you appreciate "It's Over Now" Steve - did you ever see my note that the contest limit was 5 minutes??? lol - someday maybe I'll get that tune down on "tape" the way it is in my head - in the meantime, thanks for being so kind.
Martin Norman Hey Steve, great to see you here as well ! New to this, so may need your help with uploads - I think I've managed one so far, but naturally hoping to share more. Great to see your awesome talent here, good Man!!!
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ALtErNaTiVe ReTrO aNd PsYcHeDeLiC   The most creative songs from my favourite genre..
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Lucys Station   Her comments make me laugh..and she's got great taste in music!
The Stars Are Never Really Distant   Beautiful,haunting spacious mellowness..
Sandman's Songbirds   Great station..He leaves interesting comments on the songs too,which is always great..
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Freak Scene..   Beautifully scuzzy garage rock'n'pop.
Moody, Cool, Psychotic, and Mesmerizing   Maybe the most beautiful looking station on iac? Great music too..
Epic Soundtracks 2   APRIL 2006...A Diary of I.A.C Songs that soundtrack my life
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The Hitmen-Completed Contracts 2   I let the IAC community know the greatest music there was to hear-and was roundly ignored..
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The Hitmen-Completed Contracts 3   Well not ME exactly who was roundly ignored,but the station ,certainly
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Page Updated 10/15/2008 11:18:36 PM

Just great well written ace songs that deserve as much exposure as they can get.. International hits on an alternative planet where musical quality is rewarded and people walk around coveting the amazing musical skills artistic Earth inhabitants possess....or something....


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Inspired music as it hits me on IAC
Ace songs added as and when they really inspire me.Sometimes these can really change as its difficult to know moods from one day to the next.These are great songs that have really moved me at certain times so will build to be like a kinda IAC diary hopefully..Station Owner Steve Ison
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Airwave Excorieeee
3.8.2008..........I loved Airwave Excorieeee..DirgeK had such a fabulous dry wit,wonderful intelligence and obvious creativity which she shows here. ...Simultaneously affectionate about the pirate radio broadcasts she's commenting on- while showing up the beautiful absurdities of them too...Her talking voice is so serene,eloquent,intelligent and calm next to the loud OTT in-yer-face crassness and unremmiting trivialitiy of the other DJs and adverts she gently lampoons.. ..Altho this is a fun listen-the massive gulf between the 2 attitudes is inescapable and must've contributed to her sense of alienation...Like enjoying the spark,extroversion and attitude of modern culture-but with a natural innerness,thoughtfulness-sense of space and depth that didn't sit comfortably there and stopped her being able to fully embrace it -so keeping her SEPERATE-resigned to be forever the outsider looking in.. A fascinating insight into a different aspect of such a hugely creative,hauntingly original, tragically lost talent.... added to station 8/4/2008 9:06:52 AM
Comedy 88
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Vincenzo Pandolfi
Look Around
11.2.2008...I heard this first responding to a thread Vincenzo had up wondering if the tune was lifted from somewhere else..I'm so glad i listened.There was another thread going round about the Grammys-and i thought this songs got more heart,melody and creativity than anything that was performed by all the multi-platinum selling artists there..Of course its very 60s influenced-but the reason i love 60s music so much isn't specifically 'cos of the 'sound',but because the songs were so much more richly imaginative,evocative and generous-spirited then,like this..The delightful key change from the verse,the sense of freedom and unselfconscious in the writing and voice-the genuinelly joyful chorus that invites you inwardly to singalong.How rare are those qualities nowadays? As there's only me and one other person who's added this lovely song to their stations, i'm guessing its not to many peoples taste..People seem to prefer cod-earnestness,safe predictable songwriting and pristine, well recorded professionalism to charm,scruffy magic,generous spiritedness and genuine individuality-which is a shame, i think..We could learn alot from Vincenzo... added to station 2/12/2008 11:27:08 PM
Pop 88
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God, please let's end this this way
30.1.08...Well i've had this great late 60s sunny psych-lounge pop gem in my head all day... I just love the line 'Good looking girls with ugly mothers' and don't really know why 'except i was thinking its really poetic- and in its own quirky little way quite daring to put in a pop song....Its the sort of bizarre line you'd come up with at the same time as writing the melody out of nowhere.I love the fact that the verse is so short and just leaps out over the waterfall into that delightfully sparkling dreamy chorus..Wonderful chord changes and fabulous kalaidescopic harmonies too,it just makes me feel good-and so little modern music does,unfortunately.. added to station 2/1/2008 12:00:59 AM
Alternative Retro and Psychedelic 88
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Bob Elliott
Orange Lane
29.1.08..Its weird with this song.I used to have it on a station but havn't heard it for ages until Bob re-uploaded it recently.Its one (like Growing Up with G'N'R) -that altho i always thought was good-i just connected with in a different,deeper way when i heard it fresh again..I just love songs that can create their own powerful mood reality and landscape like this does..Haunting and haunted,there's a wistful remembering, yet sighing detatchment to the parade of ghosts,long-ago loves and lost opportunities that drift by here like a slow-motion film..All paths leading back to the mythical Orange Lane-a place where the magic and vital colours of the music are a coccoon from the numbing pain and disillusionment of day to day existence..Deeply sad yet vividly transcendent,this is a real psych folk gem and definitely songwriting to aspire to.. added to station 1/30/2008 1:22:25 AM
psychedelic pop 88
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Tiny Vipers
On This Side
11.1.08........I've just been listening in the bath and thought this has to be added to the IAC diary..Its funny..I heard this song initially sufing-looked at the page and saw it was #16 or something on THe Big 50 here and was genuinelly shocked-as what makes the IAC Big 50 9 times out of 10 and my taste are usually diametrically opposed....So much atmosphere and sense of strangeness with just an acoustic,a voice and some beautifully subtle and well placed electric touches...There's a real sense of freedom here that refuses to be tied down and trapped by typical pop structure.Its beauty n magic has just grown and grown on me with every play..Wonderful track.. added to station 1/11/2008 11:37:52 AM
Alternative 88
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Harol Dalley Way
2.1.2008...A lovely, adventurous alt-pop song with the incredibly prolific Azwels typical unexpected-but always resonant-chord changes and intelligent,inventive musicality..The end part where time suddenly slows down is a real Azwel trademark.He's definitely a writer on his own individual creative journey..People always reckon the future for indie's is in playing live music n making money therebut i reckon there's as much chance that the future could well be in the consciousness-expanding,imagination opening possibilities of 'the song' for people..Thats what i hope anyway..If it is-then artists like Azwel could finally get the financial reward they deserve for their creative gift... added to station 1/2/2008 7:02:43 PM
Indie Pop 88
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heaven is a place you can hold
2.1.2008....Well todays the day 2 of my IAC favourites(Kr-3 and Azwel) have uploaded ace new tracks..Multi-instrumentalist/writer Tim Boyd has really polished up his recordings but lost none of the psychedelic moody charm he creates so well with this modern psych jewel..The trumpet/sax break in the middle with the fabulous guitar backing is such a wonderful creative leap-i really wish he'd faded out on it at the end too..The great thing about being a bedroom artist is you can create little cinematic tracks like this-You get to choose whatever you want to put in from an unlimited sonic pallette..So much more difficult to do if you've got a band-and everyone wants to play their part exactly like it is live...... added to station 1/2/2008 6:51:33 PM
Alternative 88
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Mirah and Spectratone International
Credo Cigalia
1.1.2008...I've just been listening to this intoxicating,bizarre song loads recently.About the life n mating habits of butterflys (of all things) judging from the beautifully absurd lyrics..Like the Universal Hall Pass songs or Azwels (another great IAC artist) i don't think you could write something like this without being classically trained-I know i certainly couldn't.The BRILLIANT hands-clasped-together childlike vocal and melody is so exhuberant and upbeat,but there's a strange creepy undercurrent in this thats really compelling too,like you could be just about to drift unwittingly into a nightmare sequence in a David Lynch movie..Wonderfully original track.. added to station 1/1/2008 6:00:52 PM
Alternative Retro and Psychedelic 88
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Universal Hall Pass
30.12.07...It was the breathtakingly creative firework display that is her other track here 'Dragonfly', that caught my attention and love initially here a couple of years ago.However its this stormy,transcendent gem that i totally love at the moment..I was writing up a review while listening for my Spaceboy station the other day-and making a jokey comment about playing it while travelling from the Earth to the moon or something-and then suddenly i actually felt i WAS in outer-space..You know a tracks powerful when it does that.....How it resolves n melts all that tension at the end of each chorus is so magical.. added to station 12/30/2007 11:59:32 PM
Alternative Modern Rock 88
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The Squire Of Somerton
In THE Night
21.12.07....I added this to another station earlier after finding it on 'The Good Stuff (thanks Todd) and thought it was defintely interesting,but another couple of listens to get used to its strange pecularities and i totally love it!The guitaring-specially the little licks in the verse- is absoloutly fantastic..Its got so much inventiveness and imagination and is a brilliantly arranged and played 'band' song,not just really cool from a songwriting point of view.. added to station 12/22/2007 10:20:36 PM
Rock 88
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The Clientele
19.12.07...Well i put up a 'Psych Pop Masterpieces' blog featuring this track....Another one i've had on a station for ages.It seems really effortlessly beautiful-and the whole transcendent,magical vibe is a reason i love 60s music so much more than todays generally..This'd be SO perfect in a movie too..... added to station 12/18/2007 10:16:51 PM
Alternative Pop Rock 88
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Steve Ison
I Know A Good Thing
added to station 1/7/2008 9:23:53 AM
Alternative Retro and Psychedelic 88
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