Vartan Well I suppose I'd be interested to see what you thought of It All Comes Back To You. It's one of my more stripped down acoustic songs. I hope you like it.
Vartan For some reason it seems that the first link to the song page didn't come out quite right.
DirgeK pls review 'Room Temperature'
Cowboy Mimes We would love a review!
Psyche's Muse where ya at Steve! ???
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An idea for doing a review station inspired by seeing the 'Raw Like Sushi' station just set up and thinking it was just a genius idea... If you want a review,put your name and a link to ONE song only in the shoutbox at the side..ALL REVIEWS WILL BE POSTED ON THIS STATION..The ones i REALLY like'll get added to another station(s).. You'd be well advised to at least check one or two of my stations(at the side) to see if my taste roughly fits with the kind of music you make..I'm very focussed on songwriting and 'feel'-far less on production stuff..I love good songwriting and don't feel qualified to give an opinion on hip/hop rap,metal,classical or electronica really... I'll also be totally honest-and my opinion is unashamedly personal and SUBJECTIVE..So if you don't like the review i give you,there's no point whinging about it..You asked for it! Songs already on any of my stations won't be considered btw..
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The Rubrics
Hanuman Visits the White House
Delightful,witty cajun-style folk song about a mischeivous Hindu God 'answering' George Bushes prayers to come to him for assistance but..ahem..not being QUITE the face of the almighty the brainless murderer had in mind ..If only it would come true!....Of course all the lyrical inventivness in the world would mean little to me if it wasn't set to such a fabulous picked-out-the-air jewel of a tune..Given a wonderfully authentic live 30s/40s style lo-fi field recording with beautiful banjo and an ace chord changing melodica riff..This is genuinelly timeless music and beautifully atmospheric..Joyful,happy/sad,familiar/strange and incredibly evocative all at the same time.A perfect add to my Psychfolk station then..Altho many would say there's nothing particularly 'psychedelic' about this traditionally structured folk song,i'd disagree..For me,the true spirit of psychedelia isn't in the extraneous,intentionally 'weird' echoey sound accessories,but in the genuinelly transcendent,consciousness shifting nature at the heart of a song..This is MY idea of 'Psychfolk' then......Wow,the last 3 songs i've reviewed here have been ace...Indies really are the best... added to station 3/10/2006 10:51:57 PM
Alternative Indie Folk 951
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The Red Umbrella
I'm sorry,but i found this track really hard work...The best i can say is that its well played and produced,but as a song it did nothing for me..The beginning riff went on far too long imo and i couldn't understand why it'd been given such a prolonged spell in the spotlight..The verse melody i guess seemed to be trying to get the vibe of longing reminiscence across-but its lonnnnng noted vocal line merely felt tired to me..The seeming irritation with your own creative inertia got expressed with the (expected) nu-metal 'dischord power chords' shift coming in.....but moving up a gear sonically just didn't have a synonymous increased level of excitement ,as the same lonnnng note rythmed depressing vocal line still ruled the roost and felt creativly lethargic and slow...................I'm guessing you might be influenced by Nirvana and Q.O.T.S.A,but wheras those bands have real songwriting invention,excitement and instinctive cathartic expression in spades,i just couldn't find any of those qualities in your track..Mood and vibe-wise it seems far closer to the po-faced,self-conscious,grinding sludge-rock of Creed,Staind,Nickleback and their unit-shifting ilk..Very much not for me... added to station 2/8/2006 11:42:56 AM
Melodic Rock 951
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