Jesse Adams Thanks Butterfly! I do cherish these songs, believe me. They are musical memories that will remain long after him and I are gone. :)
Dick as you can tell we are having a lot of fun. thanks for the support..
Hugh Dunno why you think we LIKE each for the kind words and the gift of being your station twice. We just listened to all five songs and compliments go out to Ben, Jesse, and Bob as well...
Ben Elliot Thanks Butterfly, and thanks Hugh.
JAM Hello Ms. Butterfly, thank you very much for the add. Nice pick, alot of people miss that one and the Vocal... :)
your sweet Butterfly, to put us all up on a station with such a thankful feel to it! Happy to be amongst your favorites. -pHLeGm
Todd (Hop On Pop) What a very, very happy surprise to be included on this wonderful station. Thank you so much for adding "I Do" and for the lovely things that you had to say about it.
Grant McCauley Hello, could you please check out my tunes for consideration to your station, thanks
Richard Scotti Thanks for adding "Goin' Higher" and for the kind words. You are a gift to us!
Bob Elliott It's an honor to be on the menu...
Deb Thank you Butterfly. I really was surprized to get picked for your station, haven't been too active on the pipeline lately. You are such Gift to the pipeline. All the best and thanks again. deb
DirgeK Thankyou do much for including DK's song, Jill
Jesse Adams Thanks you Butterfly for your kind words of support. I've been practicing vocals a lot lately and plan to start doing vocals on most of my work from now on. :) I also uploaded a much better mix of 'The Yummy Song', enjoy! :)
Duane Thank you Butterfly. Of course this is Terri's favorite too. Thank you for you are a gift to all of us as well. Peace, D.
Coloured Vinyl Always enjoy reading what you think B - Thanks
Susan Awesome, lovely to be included with all these great people and songs! And your comment is most appreciated too... thank you!
steve april lovely commentary, au revoir for now...
Loren Thanks so much for adding "Now" to the station! :)
Sly Witt Thanks so much for your 'gift'. I'm honored to be here.
Lars Mars Thanks so much Butterfly, and thanks for the wonderful words.
Steve Ison Thanks so much Butterfly..What a wonderful station..Many thanks for such kind words :)
SILVERWOODSTUDIO if a song can make you laugh or cry it has been a success !! we are happy but sad here are some tissues!
Eaglehead thanks for havin' us here and thanks for the lovely review xxx
Auset It is a true honor to have When Will We Love True in the mix here... I am sincerely grateful. Been crying a lot myself lately, I imagine new tunes are in the works.
Vincenzo Thank you Butterfly. What a beautiful name for a station and thank you for thinking of L'Aquila.
Woody Thanks so much for including England, and for the lovely things you said.
Steve Thanks for adding "Anna" to your station, Butterfly. Thanks also, for the kind words- they mean an awful lot.
Kurt No matter the name you use, your light always shines thru...thanks for adding "Listen"
Gary Hey there Gina, thank you for the lovely Birthday Gift! I appreciate it
Magnetfisch Hello Butterfly, thank you so much for adding f
bryon thank you for including the Sojourner here. I am glad you enjoy this song.appreciate being here
Sam YOU are the true gift Butterfly ! ... Thank you so much for putting my tunes up and your ever-so-gracious words !
Maeve Kelly I'd be delighted if you'd have a listen to "Luisa" and let me know what you think. Greetz from Freiburg in Germany, xM
Gary G, your comments about the song were so touching, thank you. I am deepy moved to know my song affected you in that way. Thank you so much. :-)
SILVERWOODSTUDIO Butterfly-of course you are the real gift!! You bring such a positive introspective vibe to IAC-we are so pleased to have you as a friend -love Rob
Butterfly Hello everyone... I wanted to thank each of you individually on your pages.. but sadly I may never get to it... However, want each of you to know how very much your comments have meant to me. You all have been very generous with your words, it has been
such a joy to read your thoughts and again quite humbling. Thanks to each of you for allowing me to have your song here. I'm enjoying every song I have chosen... and hope that you as well have been enjoying the station!!! :-)
Bob Elliott Thank you for the kind words regarding the song. It's pretty special to me. Makes me think of my children and my wife.
T.J. Franklin Thank you so much for adding my song to your station, and the kind words, despite the limited choices. Things are tough around here right now, and , as soon as I get another day job, i will add more. A great idea, and blog. Love and infinite Peace, TF
Vartan Thank you for the very kind words.
Steve April thanks so much, that's a beautiful intro, and station...
nigels thankyou
Two Silo Complex Thank you for the add. We appreciate it!
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The Gift
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Music is a gift... a gift from the music god's, to you who create it... and through you, to the listener who get to enjoy it.
A collection of my favorite songs, by those of you I have had the opportunity get to know through your music and my interaction with you here at IAC. Thank you for sharing your GIFT with me.
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Steve April
Calypso Lady
Although, I've never had direct interaction with you Steve... I have had the opportunity to read your posts... and as well know your music... mostly your collaborations, which are all lovely works... and have one such collab with Eaglehead posted here. But as well wanted to post another with your vocal... and had chosen 'Water Boy'... however, heard this piece again... and was reminded how much I like this song, it has a pretty melody and a lovely story that I find quite enjoyable to listen too... so, I'm hoping you won't mind that I've changed songs. added to station 5/11/2009 2:52:49 PM
Alternative Retro and Psychedelic 6670
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Vincenzo Pandolfi
Una Voce (Instrumental)
Vincenzo... I sadly haven't been on your page for a while, however... was reminded how beautiful your music is... I was able to get lost in your songs for a time... which was such a peaceful and lovely place to be. This song places me upon a cloud, in a quiet, place of tranquility. Just Beautiful Vincenzo. I wish those in your place of home... peace and light through such a diffcult time. added to station 4/18/2009 4:36:35 PM
World 6670
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Tony Vani and Debbie Hoskin
The Gift
I really enjoy this song Deb... it has a wonderful jazzy feel to it that makes me want to get up and sway about the room. A title and lyric that's quite fitting for the station as well. :-) added to station 4/14/2009 5:20:30 PM
World 6670
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footloose and steady
I've heard many of Magnetfisch's songs... however, I only recall hearing their instrumental pieces... which are great compositions.... I just don't ever recall hearing one with a vocal... and was surprised when I took some time on their page again. Seline has such a beautiful voice... and again wasn't expecting to hear a vocal and was very pleasantly surprised... I love the hint of accent you're able to hear in her voice. This was a favorite while listening on their page... but a very difficult decision to make at that. Gorgeous, Gorgeous voice Seline. added to station 4/23/2009 11:04:40 PM
Alternative Pop Rock 6670
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Hop On Pop
I Do
I only just heard this song fairly recently... I'm such an emotional person, I was in tears while listening... it just hit me in that really soft place. It's a lovely song Todd, with tons of feeling. added to station 4/14/2009 11:12:23 AM
Retro Pop Ballad 6670
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Maria Daines
Wanna Be Around (Paul Killington Vocal)
I found this song... on I believe another station... what now seems many moons ago... I absolutely fell in love with Paul's vocal, guitar, the lyrics... I just think it's a really great song. I had a difficult time deciding on just one from Maria's page so I'm adding this one just because I love it... and because I just adore Maria and all that she dedicates to what she believes in... will be adding another favorite with her vocal. added to station 4/16/2009 5:26:21 AM
Melodic Rock 6670
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Communication is such a difficult thing sometimes... tying to grasp the meaning in another's words, spoken or otherwise... and being able to understand what they want you to know. We often times speak and feel as tho we must be talking in a foreign language that is only understood by us... and on the other side of that, hearing a foreign language we do not understand... and it can be such a frustrating thing. I think when communication is an issue, we have to try to find within ourselves peace... with that, which we do not understand. This is a lovely song Kurt that expresses this difficulty well. added to station 4/18/2009 3:56:47 PM
Classic Rock 6670
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Christmas Tree, Don't F with Me
Ahh... Dan, you've gotta love him... I have no idea when he added this again... I haven't been on much lately... but I'm really glad he did. This song made me laugh so much, I emailed the link to a friend once. Thanks Danny Boy!! added to station 4/12/2009 4:40:57 AM
Comedy 6670
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Sky Rider
Nigels music is beautiful. I could slip into a warm bath and just get lost for hours soaking in the sounds. This is such a soothing piece with a vocal that adds sublimely to the music, penetrating all the senses. added to station 4/14/2009 4:24:11 AM
Ambient Groove 6670
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ON AN ISLAND feat Jake
Ah Rob... I just found this on the new releases, did you sneak one past me?... I love Silverwoodstudio's music because it has such an authentic, natural sound to it... it's mellow and gentle... allowing your mind to escape to a quite place of peace for a time. This is such a lovely sound... it takes my thoughts to a beach, a cool evening breeze blowing, fire burning, waves gently crashing upon the shore... entwined in the arms of another, dancing under the stars, just taking in the beauty of the moment. Lovely work!! added to station 4/29/2009 2:28:56 PM
Classic and Progressive Rock 6670
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Hugh Hamilton
I'll See You In My Dreams (duet)
Another collab with Hugh and Dick... the saxophone adds a really great jazzy feel to the song... an instrument that I love btw and had always wanted to learn to play. Another really good song where their individual talents and friendship shine through the music. added to station 4/12/2009 2:44:01 AM
Jazz 6670
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Ainslie Henderson
While They Wait
I'm not sure there are proper words to describe Ainslie... he's one of those artist's that from the very first note of the very first song that I heard, I fell in-love with... and knew that whatever he put up, I would love... and thus far this holds true. He's a poster on the pipeline but in a manner that if you aren't paying attention you could miss him... he steps in ever so quietly, pours his brilliance upon the screen... and then exits almost as quietly as he entered. His mind works and processes the world on a completely different level than mine... and if I'm not completely in the moment without distraction, it may take me more than one read to understand his thoughts... but if you find yourself in that place, where you've understood him... you will be transported on the other side of the screen standing with him... seeing the world through his eyes... and that's an extremely interesting place to be. I had a difficult time deciding which of his songs to post... I love all of them, so in time I may switch this one out and post another of his in it's place. added to station 4/14/2009 10:54:30 AM
Acoustic 6670
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Andy Broad
Waiting For You
There were about four songs on your page Andy that I narrowed my choices down to... all of them but one were blues songs with vocal... which you do very well. But this is my absolute favorite... it's such a pretty piece... that made me think of a stroll along a sidewalk with all of these little shops and cafe's... purchasing that little special something that you wouldn't be able to find anywhere else, stopping in one of the cafe's for a bite to eat, spending the afternoon laughing, and just enjoying the company of another. added to station 4/17/2009 6:49:51 PM
Jazz 6670
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Two Silo Complex
Shadows in the Midst
This is a harder song than what's been represented on this page... I enjoy the Alternative and Rock genres as well and often find really great harder song's that I love. Some of my more favorite music over the years has been from bands that have a great rock sound. I love really good instrumentation in songs... when a guitar can be played really hard and well, or when there's a really great powerhouse beat going on with the drums. This song is pretty creative... it makes me wonder what was going on in their head, because it goes from a hard sound and slows down into a more mellow vibe... and just blows me away how both can be executed and merged together in one song and not sound wrong... but it doesn't, they've executed their idea well. Good work Two Silo. added to station 4/18/2009 3:20:18 PM
Hard Alternative 6670
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East To The Dawn (collaboration with Steve April)
I really enjoyed diving into Eaglehead's page again... I was reminded how much I like the composition of their tunes, I was jammin' or swaying to every song. I narrowed my decision down to this one and another... I like the meaning in the song 'Maverick'... however when I listened to 'East To The Dawn'... it placed me in a lounge chair on a sunny Sunday afternoon soaking in the rays... with a glass of ice tea in hand. Either that or in a room with a black light and psychedelic images cast upon the wall messin' with my head. Either way I like it. added to station 4/15/2009 6:00:43 PM
Alternative Retro and Psychedelic 6670
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Jeff Allen Myers
The Bottom of This Glass (Unplugged Version)
There's many of Jeff's songs that I enjoy and have on other stations. I had never heard this song before... and was kinda surprised a bit because it's different than most of his other work. I like acoustic pieces just as much as those that are polished, ready for radio. I'm enjoying the more raw feel of this song... and a different sound in Jeff's vocal I don't believe I've heard before. added to station 4/14/2009 2:43:22 AM
Blues 6670
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All Good Things (Dedicated to Sam Cat 12/09/08)
Dirge... has such a gorgeous voice that was beyond her years... lyrically as well. This is one of my very favorite of her songs... I love the meaning in the song... and that bit of old, classic film vibe it has. Thank you so very much Jill for sharing your daughter with all of us. added to station 4/14/2009 6:04:14 PM
Alternative 6670
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Ben Elliot
No Regrets
I've never been disappointed with any of Ben's music... he's a very gifted individual... and this song is a perfect example of his great talent! added to station 4/12/2009 2:46:20 AM
Alternative Pop Rock 6670
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Gina French
Only For You
I know Gina's music well... she has such a gorgeous soulful voice... that grabs your insides and makes you feel so completely deep. I love so many of Gina's songs... and don't think I could single one out as my favorite of those that I love so very much... however, am choosing this one because it is so beautiful and filled with such deep feeling. Wonderful! added to station 4/23/2009 10:55:58 PM
Easy Listening/Soft Rock 6670
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Picture of You!
Colin and the guys have a great classic rock sound to their music... I listened to their page and was boppin' along to the rhythm from the first song to the last. I remember leaving a hello on their page once... listening to this song while typing... it's still my favorite. added to station 4/14/2009 4:39:59 PM
Alternative Retro and Psychedelic 6670
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Gary Stockton
Take Me Home To Aldershot Town
Gary, I've had a difficult time finding words for this song. It's an emotional piece for me, so much so I've been unable to find the proper words to express what it means for me, in fear it will take from the importance of that. Know that it's a wonderful song... full of feeling that entwines itself with the core of who you are... at least who I am. Thank you Gary for sharing a part of yourself in such a beautiful way... that touched me so deeply. added to station 4/17/2009 2:45:44 PM
Folk/Acoustic Rock/Americana 6670
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Maria Daines
I love Maria's page because you're always able to find something meaningful... and with tons of soul. I found this on the new releases this morning... and was completely moved. Maria's vocal is just beautiful, the music reaches in and stimulates you from the inside, as well as the lyric being moving as with all of her songs. Maria and Paul give so much of themselves to the causes they believe in and this is just one gorgeous example of that. added to station 4/17/2009 12:57:33 PM
Rock 6670
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When Will We Love True
I'm having such a difficult time on your pages because there are so many of your songs I know and love... and Auset is no exception. Her music is so beautiful and soulful, it just reaches in some place deeper and makes you feel. I had another song chosen to add and was completing my comment while listening to this one... and decided to cancel... so many of hers have such a special meaning to me... dammit I'm crying again. Lovely Auset. added to station 4/17/2009 1:29:10 PM
Alternative 6670
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Lily Tries
I've liked Vartan's music from the first song I heard. I'm extremely interested in people... I see them... or hear them speak or sing... or am able to get some insight into their thoughts from talking with them or reading their words... and in the process I find myself wanting to know what makes them tick. Vartan is one of those individuals that I'm intrigued by, I think it's because of his writing style, and how that forms itself into song. He has a bit of a self admittedly, dark sense of humor... and I hear that a bit in some of his songs... but not in a bad way... in a way that makes his music interesting... and different enough not to be the same as everything else. This is one of the more mellow songs on his page... and I've just been having it loop as I've been typing this... and as of yet have wanted to press stop. Vartan has a great vocal... and his music always has a great groove to it. I again had a difficult time deciding on just one because there are several that I like... but this one grabbed me. added to station 4/18/2009 5:02:08 AM
Folk/Acoustic Rock/Americana 6670
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The Man With No Band
Reason (Crack*A*Jack*Crow version)
The first time I added this song to a station... I remember saying "this song makes me cry... but not in a bad way, in a way that reminds me of the beauty of love"... this still very much holds true. Sam is such a gifted master of words... he created something absolutely beautiful with this song... that of which was then given extra love and attention by Ms. Anjuli and Brendan... Anjuli has such a soulful vocal... she has always been able to make me cry... I think it's because she seems to feel each and every word she sings... it comes from some place deeper inside her. This is such a wonderful collaboration... and a song that is quite special to me because it has a significant meaning... and touched me personally. Beautiful!! added to station 4/25/2009 10:42:59 PM
Easy Listening/Soft Rock 6670
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Susan Raven
I Think of You
Susan's music is just beautiful... there's a depth in her lyrics that reach you at your core if you allow it in. I had a difficult time choosing one of Susan's songs to add because they are all lovely... however, this is one of my favorites. added to station 4/14/2009 2:53:18 AM
Cosmic World Fusion 6670
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Lars Mars
A fun playful song Glenn... with a little bit of an Island feel to it. This is another song that paints an image in your imagination. That of a boy and girl hiding out from all who might suspect the feelings between them if they were seen together... but the boy and girl just can't help but want to be together... in spite of someone seeing that special spark between them. I love this song... it's a wonderful little tune. added to station 4/15/2009 4:42:57 AM
Alternative Pop Rock 6670
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Conversation Suicide
In His Head
This is the fist song I ever played of Phlegm's when I first started poking around IAC. I wasn't expecting to enjoy the song because it was in a genre that isn't normally to my taste. Needless to say I was pleasantly surprised... I love Phlegm's vocal on this. One of the things that I really enjoy about Phlegm's music is his diversity... he's able to pull off a more pop sounding tune... just as easily it would seem, as one of his punk or metal tunes. I'm going to leave this one up for a bit Phlegm... however, because you have so many songs to choose from, when I have more time to dig into your page again I may switch this one out for another. added to station 4/14/2009 5:12:50 AM
alternative melodic metal 6670
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Sly Witt
Cha Cha Stars
Beautiful, soothing music... Sly has done a really great job with creating a work that takes your mind to a peaceful state... allowing your imagination to wander to that quite place in the dark, under the stars wrapped in the arms of the one you love. added to station 4/15/2009 1:01:29 AM
Alternative Retro and Psychedelic 6670
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