The Lemmings A culture is only as great as its dreams, and its dreams are dreamed by artists. - we trust you will find a vision of value in our music. Love, The Lemmings
Jerry Butler Country I would be honored to have my music on your station. Thank You... Your Friend... Jerry Butler Country
Jerry Butler Country I would be honored to have my music on your station. Thank You... Your Friend... Jerry Butler Country
Nigels Papillion is my most reflective, metamorphis fruits of reflection
Todd (Hop On Pop) If you listen to the lyrics to "I Got it Back", I think that you'll like the thought behind it. I hope that you like the music, too.
Duane Open Arms
The CODE Hi Batina - our track 'What I Hate' may fit your ReflectiveRespect station! Standing in queues!!!
JAM Batina, Thank you so much foor listening, for the kind words, and the addition to your fine station. Respect.. Jeff
Duane Thanks Batina! You picked one of my first tunes and also one of my favs! Right on Sister!..... Rock-n-roll! D.
SILVERWOODSTUDIO Respect is of course a 2 way street ! and we fel the love from ALL of ewe at two cats-big hug for today!!!
Frater P. All Good things to you and yours....warmly, frater P......}-@
Nigels Honoured to be here with FireFly(like a butterfly) and the other wonderful songs
the Rivergods Hi to answer the call....Miss Lucinda is just beggin' for deliverance!
Rule 11 Here's a little number you might enjoy.
I know you don't dig our HARDER stuff - but I'm POSITIVE you'll dig our BLUES, POP
and mellower tunes we really do have MORE than just METAL
thank you in advance for your listenin' ear. -luv, pHLeGm
Lieder Please consider adding one of our tracks to your station! Cheers, -Mike K
kurtkurtley Thank you so much for the thoughtful and gracious review. Listen is one of my favs and I'm thrilled that you like it so well
WOW Awesome review! Brutally honest, and Positive affirmations all rolled into one! RESPECT. Thank you VERY much for including us. -pHLeGm
Auset Thank you SO VERY MUCH for listening so closely with your heart. You definitely "get it". We're all about the journey! Love on!
Jerry Butler Country Thank you so much for that powerful comment, and I am honored that you chose to put , "Glad I Have Known You" on your station....Your Friend. Jerry Butler Country
veenatai Please check out my page. TIA
Lieder Thank you so much for the EXCELLENT review of our track "It's Out of My Hands" and for including it on your's GREATLY appreciated and we are honored! Cheers, -Mike K
Lars Mars Thanks Batina, and Kurt's right..
The Nimblemen Please consider adding my track "Remember" to your station! I use the name "The Nimblemen" for my musical ideas outside of my rock band! Cheers, -Mike K
The Nimblemenhttp://www. Batina, Thanks for adding my track "Answer My Call" to your station and thanks so much for the review, I really appreciate it! Cheers, -Mike K
VELULA We are so glad to be here, among so many great artists. Thank you very much for your words, it's a pleasure to know that you enjoy our musi =)
Fyvwunsyx consider this please - thx
the Rivergods Thank you, Batina, for the play and the great review. Whenever we perform Slow Fire I too have a tendency to "get lost" in the zone. Peace
Fyvwunsyx Thx for adding "Lost"
Fyv and the very kind words - regards
Jesse Adams BIG BIG thanks for the station add Batina! Awesome collection you've got going on here, keep it up!
SILVERWOODSTUDIO Respect is a two way streetand we share that with you and TCH music-can't wait to have my hand read by ewe!!!
Batina it can be done via internet if you have a high quality scanner Robbie or snail mail me a tight mimmie - peace, xoxoxox
denise cascione warm thanks to you for your kind words and adding Good Morning Heartache to your playlist...bless you...sharing the love through song xo denise
denise cascione with appreciation and respect...thank you for playing my songs..bless you..denise
The Lemmings Thanks for the humbling words! Stay beautiful! ml The Lemmings
VELULA Peace Freedom and Love to everyone comming around here !!! :) ... have an amazing day!
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Susan Raven  
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Jerry Butler Country   A truly, lovely, man of country.
Hop On Pop   An interesting man,with a ton of heart!!!
never never band   Awesome perspective in everything they do . . . very relavant!!!
Lars Mars  
denise cascione   an absolutely fabulously warm voice!!!
SILVERWOODSTUDIO   A simply woderful group of people doing wonderful things for wonderful people for wonderful reasons and wnderfully so.
Jesse Adams   Man I do not do metal. . . but I God bless it do Jesse . . rock on brother you should have an illustrious future. . . respect!!!!
  Have you ever been. . well have you ever been. . to electric Lerree land. . .
Maria Daines   Possibly one of the if not, the best talent for singing the blues here at IAC. . . respect sister!!!

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This station represents my respect for international Indie artists - Those who appear here I have much respect for the quality of their perceptions, perspectives and deliverance.

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The Wave feat Jake
This is another unsolicited gem I've recently discovered and again it needs no critique I would just like to give respect to it in in the same spirit with the words of a great friend of mine . . . "Don't look behind you. . . look straight ahead. . dry your eyes and you will see. . my love will find you. . though we are apart. . it's gonna surround you. . . mend your heart. . I am a traveler. . . I sail on the breeze. . open up your window. . wait for me. . just lay your head down. . and dream your dream. . soon I will be there. . you will see. . . and all through the night. . I will be with you. . and you will be with me. . . I will be with you and you will be with me . . . we will be free" -By Tommy Saddler. . . . respect Robbie!!!!!! added to station 10/29/2008 2:13:28 AM
Classic and Progressive Rock 6271
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the Rivergods
Slow Fire ( IAC mastered from mp3)
Oh you guys, to turn your de ion around a bit and probably revealing too much of myself, but this one takes me in a safe way back to the days when was often in dreamscape desires of longing for narcotics. . . what a joy to have music that can render me into the same mind frame that required that junk in my day to grant me escape from all the tension of 1968. . . this song is very masterfully produced with a nice blend of interacting melodies and i've always been a fool for the pulse of the bass line on the kick drum, it just makes the dance a little more physical for a lady relative to the body dance and all the atmosphere present in this number serves well to enhance the mind's dance to point in my case that I almost cried recalling those days that I wound up at in my mind. Beautiful production guys, graceful use of all your tools. I really enjoyed this one, much success to you. . . respect!!! added to station 10/27/2008 10:38:57 AM
Easy Listening/Soft Rock 6271
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Wow Kurt, from the first few arpegiated notes of those descending, either chorused six string notes? or what I believe, is a twelve string is it? I clicked on the add plus sign and from there the chasing perpetually falling cello riffs just gripped my soul brother and i was spellbound by the time your beautiful and I might add profoundly simple yet potent lyrics lead me to a empassioned "listen" to what really is an interesting climb in the scale vocally, i didn't expect the half step ascend and it was a pleasant surprise to be taken to something other than typical. I really love this song, masterfully produced, mixed and delivered with such genuine passion for your subject. . . . . respect!!!!! added to station 10/27/2008 11:43:18 AM
Classic Rock 6271
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Conversation Suicide
you look familiar
Gosh Phlegm, I must be brutally honest here, I was checking your stuff out, most of it just a little bit beyond my understanding in terms of form, but I respect the shit out of the energy and sense of revolution present here, it's nice to know that the wave of resistance i believe my generation kicked off is still evolving and if that wasn't enough respect for you, I found this jewel. . . I love this one man and had to add it. . how kool to know that a man of your evovled revolution still holds and displays a knack and appreciation for the sounds of the music that fueled our revolution, very versatile and that's important in this business, I liked this one the most . . . . . . . . . respect phlegm!!!! added to station 10/27/2008 11:52:18 AM
Pop 6271
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Lars Mars
Middle of the Night
Oh yeah it was a full 2 seconds into this song when i jumped on the plus sign. Now you boys gotta be from my age group cuz this song is the way I remember it. . man you had me searching the magnetic liner of my fridge for a long lost hit to go with this one, know what i mean. . . man, I need not even critique this one, it speaks for itself quite clearly. . . . so all i got left to say to you peoples is. . . . RESPECT!!!!! LOVE THE TRIP BACK TO WHERE WE'Z FROM, THANKS GUYS!!! added to station 10/27/2008 12:54:29 PM
psychedelic pop 6271
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Eric Steffensen
My Precious Little Swan
Yeah my friend i'm streaming My Precious Little Swan right now and I dig right off the little keyboard intro and the stereo work with alternating acoustic guitar riffs in both ears is nice the presence of the snare's snap and it's tone is nice too. . . If I may I might add just a smidge of reverb on the vocals but i do dig the voices unique attitude in this song, ennunciation is crisp on the lyrics, the sweet little lead riff at the break is cool, dig the drum roll preceding the return to the theme and i guess I, with all due respect, can't stress enough for the need to either bring the vocals into the foreground a bit or maybe chorus them up but as the song goes on my young friend the vocals seem to get lost for some reason but I give mucho respect for the delivery, the interesting perspective and metaphors in the lyrics - if I may try singing with your own voice instead of what voice you think the song needs because other songs of yours present a much richer voice, unless of course you were implying sarcasm with your vocal tone, then, it works well - overall my young talented friend this is very well produced and is an acceptible song for my station . . . . respect my friend!!!!!! added to station 10/29/2008 7:08:47 AM
Alternative Retro and Psychedelic 6271
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Jeff Allen Myers
The Cycle
Oh man Jeff, I had a very hard time picking a single song from you my friend. You have so many respectable songs. I too love and miss John very much, but by God I must say he was right when he said. "but i'm not the only one. . ", because obviously you are one too. I picked this number because of the profound statement within the lyrics, the respectable lesson offered to our youth and the beautiful overall package you wrapped it in. Beautiful song and the one that I found most respectable. . . respect!!! ps. I think love is pain and pain is love, it's strange, yet, a beautiful representation of the duality present in all of God's handy work, in my opinion. Thanks for the song sir. added to station 10/26/2008 8:30:42 PM
Folk/Acoustic Rock/Americana 6271
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Long Range Lover
Guys I left you a Long Range Lover's personal critique at your page . lol. . let me just say to everyone visiting here that the real reason I respect this one is the pure fun lovin rock and roll of this number . . . i mean this is what rock and roll was in my hey day and man in these days you got to respect that. . . hey boyz you ever heard of a juicy lucy?. . . . lol. . . . hee hee. . . .well that was the result of this song on me babe. . you know. . from all the sweating and all. . . cuz how can anyone hear this number and not get up, and as we used to say, "let it ALL hang out". . . . respect!!!! added to station 10/27/2008 10:10:10 AM
Alternative Pop Rock 6271
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When Will We Love True
Yeah, finally a lass that knows how to speak to another lass in descending bass lines and minor lifts at the return only one of ours, in my opinion can understand this kind of groove's secret purpose, but then maybe I'm just being presumptuous. It doesn't really matter, what matters is that the daring and courage to stray from the typical and offer up this number in such a beautiful delivery and like the band says, "trippy" format, is just worthy of immense respect today. I've always loved this kind of stuff and always found a secret delight when alone within the particular groove and pace of songs like this, especially from the voice of a sister. . . . respect!!!! added to station 10/27/2008 10:20:49 AM
Alternative 6271
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The Nimblemen
Answer My Call
Alright Nimblemen, this is indeed a much better production than your bands stuff, sorry i do shoot from the hip. . this one in my opinion would do well in the alternative market - i love right off the bat the ascending progression especially while communicating a dark message, i personally enjoy the juxtapositioning of standard prgressions with the opposite in message and what have you. . any how, let's see, respect for the courage to say what you're saying here kudos. . . if may i think it could use a ripping fading lead in the end phase to push it further into the "gotta have it" place in your potential buyers minds. . . . respect!!!! added to station 10/28/2008 5:27:07 PM
Easy Listening/Soft Rock 6271
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Velula - Lejos de Mirar el Tiempo
Well, though i did find the quality of your prductions quite sound, and the what sounded to me like analog keyboard riffs a pleasure to hear again, my friend i just don't have the experience in listening to metal music to offer you a valuable critique - so, in respect to what i can damn well tell is better metal than i rarely get to here i shall post you here with this song cuz it goes so wwell with my morning 'smoke' and to hope my listeners with link to you to check you out because you do have excellent sound quality. . . . .respect!!! or is it respectamundo? - peace and good luck to you, thank you for your submission sir.. . .or is it madam? added to station 10/28/2008 5:46:00 PM
Alternative Retro and Psychedelic 6271
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Rule 11
Blow Blow Thou Winter Wind
Well, you're right Rule 11. How can I possibly not respect the lyrics of William Shakespeare? But then i've long since respected him, but, about your composition, I dig the subtle, uh. . sounds like female or mixed chorus sidelining vocals next to your lead vocals in my right earphone right off the bat, the gentle easily acceptable tone of your lead voice, the chillin type of rambling, almost kind of syncopated groove hits here and there - it's almost as if the song is just barely held together for a moment, then suddenly you guys burst into the cohesive solidity of the chorus and it all falls tightly into place for a moment familiar groove and shortly there after, very nicely back to the looser feel. Interesting presentation of a Shakspeare classic within a contemporary jazz classic - I like it!. . . respect!!! added to station 10/27/2008 9:39:16 AM
Jazz 6271
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Jerry Butler Country
Glad I have Known You
Brother Jerry, I got to tell you honestly, I don't do country. But, by God when I heard this one I changed my mind. Honestly, I enjoyed the message of "One Way Ticket" and have profound respevt for where you are coming from in that song as I'm well over 50 and am constantly aware of the same reality as reflected in that song, however, i picked this song because I thought it would be approriate if I used you own words to say that "Jerry Butler, I'm glad that now, I have known you. Thank you sir for your submission and country flavor to my station. It was a tough decision, I truly respect them both but, I prefer this up tempo, contemparary style of country. Well done Jerry, respect!!! added to station 10/26/2008 6:26:58 PM
Country 6271
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denise cascione
Good Morning Heartache
Well this is one of the only few unsolicited songs on my show ang I just wanted to make sure this great talent was recognized here at ReflectedRespect radio . . . no critique needed here it's greatness speaks for it's self. . . you go girl and congratulations on your chart success . . . . respect sister!!!!! added to station 10/29/2008 12:17:28 AM
Jazz 6271
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What I Hate!
A very interesting song here, "What I Hate", to be straight up guys, at first listen to the brash chords at the opening I found it difficult to accept, but then the pulsating bass riff and snap of that tightly wrapped snare with the chunk and the sentiment of the lyrics matched perfectly and indeed i stood up from the computer, headphones blazing, and danced lie I haven't done since being a teenager - and brother, that was a long freakin time ago. At the risk of losing my reputation as a lady, I'll attepmt to render my respect in what sounds to me to be your standard vernacilar, and that is to say, "Guys, this song rocks vulva, in that I don't have balls!!! lol. . . respect!!!" added to station 10/26/2008 6:40:47 PM
Alternative 6271
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Ok. . . OK. . for my little sister. . yes, for rave it does a prety good job for making want to dance, and since you are my little sister I shall still respect you enough to add you here, however you OWE me chick!!! Uh. . critique, well, i do dig the spacey repeating guitar riff in tremolo mode . . I always dug tremolo, it is rather hypnotic if that's it's intent - I wouldn't know I don't review much rave actually. . uh, i like the deep voice saying 'go ahead touch yourself' but that's probably just because i'm horny right now. . lol. . no really sister, all in all for a rave tine, I do think it's cool. . . respect!!!. . . now for what I want in return. . . . added to station 10/28/2008 8:03:40 PM
Alternative Retro and Psychedelic 6271
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Kid Gibb
Protoges Of Yesterdays
I really respect the summarized review, the delivery, and the reaching out to my generation. . . and no we haven't forgotten about you, and yes, that's all we're saying also - as you profoundly remind. added to station 10/25/2008 11:11:24 PM
Easy Listening/Soft Rock 6271
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The Lemmings
Everybody's Beautiful
This song by the incredible "genuine" Lemmings, not the New York knock off, is an absulute favorite of my search so far. It's eloquent in delivery, very moving in spirit and just a damn good song produced by what seem to be consumate professionals of which i now regard with much respect - thank you for the tip guys - simply beautiful song. Much success to you!!! added to station 10/26/2008 6:04:35 PM
Easy Listening/Soft Rock 6271
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The Man With No Band
Johnny's Last Ride
Oh man I'm crying brother. . . We all ride horses of sorts and we are losing a close friend that used to ride with us too. A beautiful tribute, a beautiful delivery and amen, ride on Johnny, ride on Angel, ride on!!! repect!!! added to station 10/26/2008 7:32:05 PM
Easy Listening/Soft Rock 6271
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Susan Raven
Susan, you kindred sister, thank you so much for the offer of "Hello". An absolute excellent delivery in all ways. A beautiful thought and awesome perspective. The production is second to none, first rate music. You're right, I love it. . . . respect sister!!! added to station 10/26/2008 7:40:31 PM
Cosmic World Fusion 6271
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Wow Nigels, this was a tough choice for me as I listened to "Sacred Catapiller" and being one to root for the underdog generally, I felt compelled to choose that song to represent you here. But, then I listened deeper to the reflection you suggested to me and decided - yes, it would be more appropriate in regards to me showing you my respect that we celebrate the glorious accomplishment of the butterfly that came from the catapiller and not the just the potential of the catapiller - everything has potential, but the butterfly made it and joyiously represents that in it's flight and so do you in this beautiful song. . . respect!!! added to station 10/26/2008 6:52:28 PM
Ambient 6271
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Hop On Pop
I Got It Back
You're right Pop, I dig the lyrics very much. I also love the raw energy and fairly friggen tight for such raw delivery - overall conclusion - good tune, thanks for the tip, and much success brother, you got real heart and an interesting perspective, and for that - respect!!! added to station 10/26/2008 7:01:00 PM
Alternative Pop Rock 6271
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