The RosebudsLeaves Do Fall
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reached  # 1 on  KIAC Big 50   

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Scenes From Palacio
Delicious twangin' psychedelic americana...Wonderful freeway driving song and a deserved #1 here on the K.I.A.C 50 imho..Can't say that for all of 'em i've heard tho lol

A solid track here from The Rosebuds as they embrace us with a magnificent chorus hook line, driving beat and Duane Eddyesk guitar work. ( Eddyesk ? Where the hell did that come from? ) I had no idea that this song had actually reached the number 1 spot on IAC until I just read it now. It's good to know that people with ears not only listen but also get it right.

AOR Overflow
Lovely shuffling snare drum line carries this song along. Plus I like the reverb on the backing vocals. Great tune.

cool song like the beat... john lennon-ish vocal with a "ventures" guitar nice!

Kayak Number One Songs!
week 49

personal favorites
another hit for an alltime great band.

Autumn will come eventually

Cheryl Blossom
we all go thru changes, some of us more than others.

eYe 5 EyE 5 eYe 5
rocker from the rosebuds

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