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There's got to be more to life than 9-5.

©2005 Steve Hendershot and Jodee Lewis

I got a little bit of money coming in, and I'm about to make my move
The way I see it, I can't go too far, or leave too soon
I'm gonna go to Mexico, across the Rio Grande
Buy myself a rifle, cattle and some land
I've got a little bit of money coming and I've got to take my stand

I bought back my soul last night at the bar
I called in my notice after midnight from the car
I have kept the trail but lost the scent
I'm tearing up the map, gonna find out where it went
I bought back my soul last night at the bar

Forty hours of driving, how's that for irony
Take me to the 24-and-7, from the 8-to-5:15
We'll pass the time, singing all the way
I want you to come with me, and then I hope you'll stay
We'll sing songs all the way down and celebrate

First thing that we'll do once we're settled in
Is tell our friends and family how to reach us Mexicans
I know that this is sudden; I know it's hard
But I feel like this is prison, and we're 'bout to jump the yard
They'll dial nine to get out, and we'll be way down south

We can't be sure what we'll find down there
At this point, if it's different, that's enough and I don't care
I'll need a set of spurs and a place to watch the sun come up
I'll need a sense of worth, I'll need your love, and probably that's enough
Get your stuff, let's go to Mexico x
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Bring the sun block, we're there

Lana's Country Kitchen
This is a really good band, great vocals !

Got Music?
Love the vocals and the acoustic work. (awr)..Love this song because the snare-dominated percussion style, slide and vocals bear at least as much in common with early 20th-century Delta music as they do to anything contemporary. Missouri-native Jodee Lewis sounds marvelous and is right at home here. (thh)

Streaming Country
The Spares are super talented. The Guitar work on this is awesome. Jodee Lewis delivers strong lead vocals and together with Steve Hendershot doing harmonies they deliver a fabulous performance.

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Country Folk & Blue Shades of Grass
I voted for this song! I see why this song won.

Pack my bags I wanna come too !

monkeys are super fun
I wonder if they know they wrote this song just for me? These guys are really good. Great female lead vocal.

McLean Corner
Groove with the funk-factor

The Dorroughbys Picks
Cool track, nicely arranged, vocals and harmonies first class

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