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About Me
life summary
failure is the act of not even trying, success is but one of the many steps of failure.
I live for…
Grandkids, Wife and hope of one thing each day going right
I despise
no time for this category
self-chosen nickname
oldtoad gil
life turning point
Meeting wife at a band rehearsal, while going down to basement hit her on head with guitar,revenge she plotted and 6 months latter we were married,July 25 1970, see i didn,t forget
in 10 years I'll be
sitting in my gargens remembering fondly all things that have past, and dreaming of all things still not revealed
in 10 minutes I'll be
still loving wife and contacting GB Folk Members a small and growing group who care about others
experience of high strangeness
While driving a long long road to get home from a really bad trip ( I drive 18 wheeler ) a flash what am i " I am a dream , reality is my Prison"
most overrated
most underrated
Believe in yourself
my advice to you
A Small World Please Care , and can you believe this from Bugs "All you Need is Love", Imagine bye Oldtoad gil
as we have passed the hippy era, floated thru life, and have been promoted into Grandparent Hood,Time is now what we have left to spend,On Grandchildren, flowers,and music and Computers of course, we thank all for this wonderful trip in closing our motto "A Small World Please Care

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8/28/2006 7:43:14 PM
Same 3 letters two words reversed describing a Father

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Eaglehead   Okay Chris i,m mass confused , blues country ehndrix 50,s awing and 2 guys in a teepee picture, LOVE IT thank all for indie EXPRESSION radio oldtoad
Hattie Wilcox   smokey bar hall blues
Ether Aura   a piece worthy of many listenings from an old hippie oldtoad gil
Wayne Easton   a true feel down home country rock blues singer oldtoad gil
The Rolling River Band   Dylan , kristoferson move over. Very very caring folks with great talent
steve moran   soft and lovin, beautiful with your fav gal
Art Murphy and Backslider   yup remember this so well the style is the memory of what could have been.
Michelle Malone   THIS IS REAL SLIDE done well great vocals and that harp
Tenpenny Joke   Where is She and hello and thankyou for being on troop cd Christmas its ready to go next week Troops 1st your copy coming soon oldtoad gil
Cindy Alexander   sweetness, a honeydew voice with an edge tangerine twist
Stealing Venus   just love the vibes an old beatle fan here rock it drag it punch it i dont know your musical terms these days but you got it oldtoad gil
MichelleRene   Never mind the awards though nice stay true to the music and you will have fans forever an ol hank (sr )fan www.myspace.com/oldtoadgil come for a visit and linkup
The Rewinds   awesome us well crafted yes and definetely Earfood for this ol hippie, linkup on www.myspace.com/oldtoadgil come for a visit log on for the mystery tour (oops age there)
Adrina Thorpe   addictive,paper china, i feel a kind of storm from a vampire chill musical tingle, and yet warm , familar freinds voice coming to rescue me.. makes sense maybe ,but eternal draw you have
Paul Vincent   full soft crescendo folk a blend of many styles and a voice to drift thru a dance with loved one
MichelleRene   whoa this lady can do swing country rock blues talent and voice is HERE
Paul Vincent   close your eyes listen to the VOICE and you will see the light
John Pippus  
John Pippus  

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Chris Eaglehead say a big hello :)
RollingRiverBand say welcome aboard Gil! Steve
John Hey Oldtoad. You're here. Love your "About Me" facts. Life is grand eh? And we ain't done yet...
The Vic Genna Gemini Pac Welcome. Glad you joined us. Best ZRegards,
Chris Eaglehead say old toad has his own station now too! hooray
Melanie Marie Ridner Hello Gil or should i say oldoad. Feel Free to play my Song Where Roses Fall on your Radio Station and tell everyone about me. Thank you and your wife for Loving my work.
Art Murphy/Backslider - Thanks for the add and comment you are so right,but us old guys in Atlantic Canada are still at it and having a ball.
RollingRiverBand Just saying hello to see how you are doing? 640 copies of the summer cd! fantastic job. Take care, Steve
RollingRiverBand Hi Gil - just found out today that Blue Skies is at No.3 in the Italy Itunes folk chart behind Dylan & Damien Rice! Steve
amy great songs
Eaglehead pass by here, say hiya :)
Paul Vincent Happy New Year and thank you for the compliments they are worth more than gold!
Rebecca Scott Hey Gil! We seem to be running into each other everywhere ;) Peace ~ Rebecca
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justine vickery

      3/23/2007 4:31:17 PM Add Comment
Love the page great music great people just doing there thing. I also want to Thank You for posting up my video " Blues for You ".... Much Respect..Old Toad your the "Best" and so is your Wife.....xoxox..... Love Justine Vickery


      10/17/2006 5:38:12 PM Add Comment
troop cd Christmas my home project is ready. this cd is made from songs that folks on GB Iac Mixposure soundclick download and myspace have allowed me to use.

Cd is for "troops only" so if you know a serving folk in forces send into to me at meoldtoad@hotmail.com and they will recieve a free cd

also on www.myspace.com/oldtoadgil

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