The Rolling River Band comprises two twenty-something Scottish singer songwriters who share a mutual appreciation for great music. Inspired by years of listening to - Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Bruce Springsteen, Warren Zevon, Tom Waits, Leonard Cohen, Lou Reed, Nick Cave, Bonnie Prince Billy, Townes Van Zandt and Van Morrison (to name but a few) - we began writing and producing original compositions. Over the last two years we have recorded and produced two albums at our home studio which are available to buy at, I-tunes, Amazon etc

For more information on us and our albums please follow the link to our official website at the very bottom of this page.
Official merchandise at link below -

An upbeat rollin song about the weather amongst other things

Folk/Acoustic Rock/Americana

She was my Love
This is the only song where we both sing the full track.


I sit on this old chair, you bring me my beer, you tell me your troubles, I lend you my ear, cause you give me good lovin and you keep me well fed, when I'm over my limit, you'll put me to bed.

Alternative Indie Folk

All I Ask

Folk/Acoustic Rock/Americana


Alternative Indie Folk

Hey Buddy

Alternative Indie Folk

Picture a Rose

Folk/Acoustic Rock/Americana

Think I'll make like Icarus, maybe fly towards the sun, chances are I won't get far, feathers are gonna burn

Folk/Acoustic Rock/Americana

Blue Skies - Red Wine
An emotional, intense song about lost love.

Folk/Acoustic Rock/Americana

Mr Butterfly

Folk/Acoustic Rock/Americana


Folk/Acoustic Rock/Americana

I Get By

Folk/Acoustic Rock/Americana

Such is Life
Taken from our second album of the same name.

Alternative Indie Folk

The Actor
C.Adams on lead vocals on this song

Folk/Acoustic Rock/Americana

Another track from "Such is Life" album This is the back cover of the album by the way.

Folk/Acoustic Rock/Americana

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J. Patrick Sharpe

2/2/2008 8:53:18 AM
Really like your tunes guys. Great work. I added you to a couple of stations. Really like Sunburst. Stop by and check out my tunes on my artist page if you get a chance. All the best to you, -JP Sharpe



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Musical Journeys Blue Skies - Red Wine....shivers down my spine....thanks so much and welcome to the musical journey.. :-)
Raymond Porter Thanks for stopping by, I love your music and enjoy listening to it. Thanks also for standing up for me on the thread. You are most welcome to join my blue face cult anytime. We are celts after all.
Breithablik ( Hall One ) On monday the 21st of July I will launch one of the projects I'm gonna focus on the coming year. I reserved for you a Chair to watch it go. Peace - Johannes.
TheHouseOfTheRisingSun I booked a room for you - hope you like it. If you wanna check out I strongly suggest to leave your room in ruins. Peace upon you - Johannes.
Marcella (Mos Eisley) Thanks for being the first person to drop by - can you recommend any songs for my station?
oldtoad thankyou for your support and caring . a small world please care oldtoad gil
30 Ways Stations Loves your little song
Brian Forgive me for asking again, but I wondered if you would still like to cntribute something at this link? Thanks
brian (again) Thank you - it's a a beautiful song
Johnny B. Real nice stuff. I dig it. Please check us ou @ Big Dogs That Talk. All the best to you.
Breithablik ( Hall One ) To be honest - I have no idea what is going on. But I got word from Scott that this station is IAC RUNNER-UP in a stationcontest. We will go on ( KIAC ) air thursday 19 Oct ( go to MAIN ARENA - FORUM ). All credits go to Brian Booth - peace, Johannes.
God Does Not Play Dice.. Some defining moments in IAC's ( relatively short ) history. Peace - Johannes.
stag hey gents---put she was my love on zeus radio...have a look.
Oflockit Great tune on the DMD guys!! Check your PM please, thanks, Duane
eaglehead send festive greetings :)
Steve Songs should be working again now folks
JAM Nights Ash Ferry is the new Featured Artist. Give her a shout and show some love! -M-
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Awards from Garageband etc

Eternity -

Made No. 5 American Idol Underground folk charts

Sunburst -

Track of the day - Folk Rock
Track of the day - Folk
Made No. 27 Folk Rock Garage Band
Reaced No. 3 IAC folk/acoustic genre chart

Time -

Reached No. 4 American Idol Underground folk charts (so far)

Blue Skies -

No.3 Italy I-tunes Folk chart
GB Track of the day - Folk
GB Best Male Vocals in Folk -2 weeks
GB Best Lyrics in Folk
Made No. 9 American Idol Underground folk charts
Reaced No. 15 IAC folk/acoustic genre chart
Chosen for 2 charity compilations

Mr Butterfly -

Track of the day - Folk
Best Melody in Folk
Best Elevator Song in Folk (?)

Such is Life -

Track of the day - Folk Rock

The Actor -

Best Lyrics in Country
Best Potential Movie Soundtrack

Birdman -

Best guitars in Folk Rock
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