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IndieMusicPeople.com       Compilation DMD Project
Here are the dmd selections

1 kelly..all about timing
2 Alphastates...Angel kiss
3 John Pippus....Blurry photograph
4 Hardly Lucky....Existence
5 Steve Ison....California
6 Gina French....Hard way
7 Tarotkid....Drive into the Blue
8 Lane....Best friend
9 Crash tv....Kick
10 Brian Booth....Something to say
11 The Rolling River Band....Blue skies - Red wine
12 Squrly Murly....Sign
13 Hugh Hamilton....Love song
14 Al Stravinsky....About Love
15 Maria Danes....Peace wins the election
16 raymond porter...make love not war
17 Gary Stockton....Bermondsey
18 Eaglehead....Double 13
19 Phyches Muse...Face of death
20 Oflockit...Smile
21 Ash Ferry...A million Angels

Myself and a few other artists on the site have joined together to produce a compilation DMD. This is not an official IAC release but it is being supported by the IAC. The site will provide a prime page for the product and will feature it on the IAC front page as well as on KIAC radio. The proceeds from any sales of the DMD will go to the charity "war Child"
There is a comittee set up to orginise this and we have selected the tracks for it.

We would like to thank everyone who submitted a song and supported this project.
Raymond Porter

The comittee members are

Ash Ferry
Raymond Porter
Gary Stockton
Phyches Muse (Mortamor)
Oflockit (Duanne)

We are all very gratefull for the assistance of Scott on this project and also for assistance of Maria Danes

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gina french A million thanks for including my song on this awesome project! I am most grateful and honored to appear with these exceptional artists...god bless, Gina xxxxx
Muriel I'm very excited about this project and ever so grateful and awestruck to be be included with artists that I truly admire! Thank you . I pray we will make a difference.
Al Stravinsky I'm dead chuffed at being included in this playlist. The message you sent had no subject so couldn't open it (I think I can't anyway). Could you send it again so I can read it? Thanks - Al
Mortamor Great selection of songs here. Congratulations All!
The Rubrics love all these artists. Great job.
Dawson Kadeem
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