Bat lenny is currently exploring other avenues. Streaming our music online isn't what we want to do at this time. We believe that music should be presented in physical form. Archaic? We don't think so.

Let me elaborate: We miss the days of vinyl. Simple as that. Music has become a commodity. Worse than that - it's vapor. No, worse than that - it's 1's and 0's. Binary code on a hard drive. It's free. People don't value it any more. I remember buying albums with my hard earned coins. Sometimes they sucked, and I was hugely disappointed that I wasted my money. But when they were brilliant nothing was more exciting.

Eh - whatever. I just put our songs back up.


Our new CD "The Atomic Toybox" is available from by clicking this:

Other sources are in the works.

What we are:

Greg Mathieson (Stegor)
Synths and MIDI Programming
Artwork, Design, Illustration, Photography, Sculpture
An Occasional Voice

Mark Thompson (The Nail)
Most of the Vocals
Piano & Other Keyboards
Managing situations

Bernard Olson (Dr. Dust)
Drums and Percussion
Aerosol Particle and Fluid Dynamics
Buttons & Knobs & Switches & Things
Calculations & Calibrations

Our styles range from cartoony madness to sublime epics. We take wide turns around cliches and typical rock formulas. Influences include: Brian Eno, David Bowie, Pink Floyd, King Crimson, Talking Heads, Pere Ubu, Porcupine Tree, XTC, The Flaming lips and Dr. Seuss... but not necessarily in that order.

All the Books I Never Read
An introspective, retrospective look at life. There just isn't time to read all the books.

Classic and Progressive Rock
h h

Shadowland Part4: Another Wrench in the Machine
Part 4 of Shadowland Suite. It's time for a visit to the doctor to get that cranial organ fixed, in Rock Opera styling.

Classic and Progressive Rock
h h

Gravity (remastered)
It's that feeling you get when you stand on the edge and look down. What are we really afraid of? Is it height? Or is gravity the real culprit that makes our toes curl?

Classic and Progressive Rock
h h

There Go I
Life's a bit dangerous. It's amazing we survive at all. NOMINATED FOR A GOLDEN KAYAK - Classic and Progressive Rock genre

Classic and Progressive Rock
h h

Transcendence is an extension of our Shadowland Suite, dealing with our temporary existence on this glorious and beautiful ball of dirt.

Classic and Progressive Rock
h h

Anything That Love Can Buy
We all know money can't buy you love. So this song explores the most valuable currency of all... Love! This song (like many of ours) was years in the making. We're proud to proclaim it finished!

h h

Breach the Dam
This is one of the most powerful songs we've conjured, musically and lyrically. Emotional distress can sometimes spark creativity and that's certainly what happened at the cabin in the woods where we recorded this the week of June 4, 2007.

Classic and Progressive Rock
h h

The Devil's Workshop
Don't waste your days in the Devil's Workshop.

Classic and Progressive Rock
h h

"There's this guy there named Rex. He has a tattoo on his chest the size of Maine. And if you ask him, he'll tell ya." I'd describe this one as frantic storytelling, featuring the freakiest guitar solo ever to emanate from our studio. Recorded mostly live with a couple overdubs.

h h

The Shadow of Scamperance Couligran
A story about a wee character that dances in the woods. A Wisconsin jig if there can be such a thing, with spaced out bubbling swamp synths, mandolins and freak out guitars. Murky Jollity for all.

Alternative Retro and Psychedelic
h h

fEar is low... fEar is high... fEar will strike when you least expect it right between the eyes. fEar is there... fEar is here... fEar is in the rusty gears right between your ears.

h h

Life Inside
The Life Inside is melancholy. The Life Inside is uplifting. The Life Inside is invigorating. The Life Inside is peaceful. The Life Inside rocks. The Life Inside never ends.

Classic and Progressive Rock
h h

Shadow Friend
Spacey. Haunting. Unlike anything else you'll hear, guaranteed. Make sure you stay tuned for the surprise ending. Shortwave recordings are from the Conet Project, Irdial records, permission for use applied for but pending. Words and voice provided by Emma, The Nail's 8 year old daughter, through a flowing stream of consciousness.

h h

Dedicated to my son and the modern day Jezebel that tried her best to bring him down. The verses are a series of pity filled limericks, the center section is a barrage of angry splinters.

Classic and Progressive Rock
h h

An ode to our favorite old cabin in the woods of Wisconsin. We miss you, Morehome!

Folk/Acoustic Rock/Americana
h h

The Hapless Inventor
Dedicated to all the would-be inventors out there. If only everybody else would appreciate your ideas as much as you do.

Classic and Progressive Rock
h h

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Psyche's Muse

1/17/2017 2:47:34 AM
THANK YOU! ...for posting your work here on this site... allowing us to partake of your essence... Bat Lenny is such a SPECIAL TREAT!!! -M-

Bryon Tosoff

7/21/2010 3:09:37 PM
I can dig what you are saying. love your take on the music scene, its true what you say, and descriptive way of putting it 1,0,s vapor .right on. yeah , I am with ya, I know sometimes I get caught up in the sampling, but, i am a old piano dude and just like doing most anything, I like playing the live gigging thing on occasion too, thx for providing links to your music Stegor,
I do this promotion thing as well as play at voodoohead promotions



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