JOLLY ROX is an italian glam rock band, 3 members and an "8 ball" mabey the story of theese boys is some complicated,hard and full of enemys...but they're still living. everything started so... 2005- Joey zalla,vocals an' guitar, had to play on stage in a rock festival, but he had not a complete band. so, very few days before the event, Joey found what he has been searching for... a perfect drummer for a rock sound. you can immagine he was Danny Rox. Danny used to play in an AC/DC cover band. the band was called "Wide Glide", 'couse they loved and still love the Harley Davidson motos. By this moment Danny was an official member. they used for simble a nice "Jolly Rogers" parody', without a special reason, just couse they liked it... so, oneday, called ourselves with the simble name: "Jolly Rox",to wit the jolly of rock n' roll! they used an' still use another very incisive simble, the "8 ball". throught the time the band changed many musicians until found J.K. Dyvo (bass), perfect for the Jolly Rox stile! the band recorded a demotape called "Jolly Rox" in 2005, and one year after publiched an E.P. The next album? "Evil Inside", coming soon!


Evil Inside


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