A Chicago artist has hit and is blowing up the hip-hop scene with a dynamic combination of lyrical versatility, never-ending creativity and a charismatic stage presence that is explosive Trinity is the new Chicago female face representing the rap game. Writing rhymes since the age of 12, she is a protégé at 20. Her skills as a writer are undeniable. The gift of rhyme comes easy to her, a lover of poetry, music, and writing their no wonder why her lyrics has power and meaning behind them.

Trinity is a very talented and gifted self-contained artist. She writes and co-produces her own material. So talented is this young lady, she could literally put together a song from “start to finish,” all in one session

Trinity has been very busy the past five years, writing songs, performing and developing her “sexy” no nonsense image.” Trinity is backed up by her professional dance troupe and has performed in auditoriums, theaters, and stadiums and at outdoor festivals all over the Chicago area. Because of her excellent performance she has been asked many times to perform as the “guest” performing artist at local talent shows.

Trinity has had the pleasure and privilege of being the opening act for numerous artists such as, Public Announcement, Crucial Conflict, Twister, Do or Die and Boys to Men. Trinity has also shared the stage with D-brat, Eclipse and a host of other local Chicago artist. Trinity takes her cues from such artists as Busta Rhymes, Nelly, Jay Z and Tupac Shakur.

Trinity does not like to compare herself to any female rap artist that is on the scene now. When asked why, her response was, female rappers already have a struggle in this industry because it is a male driven industry, so instead of battling or creating friction I feel that all female should come together in this business to make a statement. That statement is that we are here and we not going no where. My hat goes off to any female rapper that stands up and take that challenge and say hey I’m good, I’m her, and most of all you can not stop me.

Trinity for most of her career has been managed and supported by her founder and manager Sheila William. Trinity is presently in the studio finishing the work on her “debut album” due to hit hip-hop hard

Money Money

Hip Hop/Rap

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