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About Me
life summary
It's ALL about the music!
I live for…
music (of course), laughter, love, dreams, family and friends, shivers down my spine moments, and lately full body wiggles and purrs! ;-)
I despise
Cruelty in all it's shapes and forms.
It would take more bandwidth than the music! ;-)

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Al Stravinsky   This singer looks so much like one of my other links...hmmm....
Foy Vance  
The Rolling River Band  
John Pippus  
Josh Backwell   Another talented Oz-man! Lots of brilliant songs, start with Prozac #2 it'll knock your socks off! :-)
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JUNO FALLS - Starlight Drive  
David Hosking   An amazing talent from Melbourne. Really lovely melodies and incredible vocal range. Also a great variety of musical topics and sensibilities. (Yeah, I clearly love this artist's music!!!) :-)
Michael Cunningham  

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Al Stravinsky Hi again. Just to say I've splashed out and gone 'prime' so I've couple more tunes you might like to hear. Hope you are well. Take care - Al
Brian Booth/Serendipity Hi Miss V - review of new DH at this link
brian (again) Hi - now I know you're MJ, the reasons for thinking your tastes inexplicaby match mine suddenly become explicable
RollingRiverBand Hi, haven't visited the pipeline before - thanks for Blue Skies being top of your playlist! Steve.
Al Hi.
Al oops, pressed the wrong button...I have a pipeline page now at this link. Hope you can visit sometime. Take care - Al
Josh Hey Vicky! I've just set up a page, I'm still getting used to it! cheers, Josh
Ash Hiya vicky! Thank you for visiting my page earlier. He sounds great, the artist you mentioned..Josh Backwell. Thanks for the listen!
Ash Ok found Josh and hes on my Ash Ferry Choysez. I LOVE his accent.
Dwell At your request "we cross the line" has been added to....Who likes you anyway.......
brian Thanks for the ace tip - see link - I owe you a kiss at least
Hugh Hi, Vicky...thanks for your visit earlier...I've been sleuthing a little, trying to find you, then found your link on my page. Did the myspace thing. Say hi there sometime if ya like. Cheers, Hugh
Hugh Received your note - thank you! I get it! Rock on...!
Paul Kicks(Our Mutual Fr Hello, Vicky, hows things. You left an e-mail for us at myspace, if you have any info on editing myspace pages it would be very cool of yo if you could get in touch. Oh, and we borrowed van the man as a friend.
John Pippus Thanks for the support Vicky. I really appreciate it. Sounds like we got similar tastes in music.
Al Stravinsky Hi Miss V. I've just posted a new song - it's very chill - 'Keep the love'. Thought you might like a listen. Thanks and all the best - Al
josh Hey vicky, just thought I'd drop in and say hi!
Brian Booth/Serendipity Hi Miss V - thanks a lot for the tipoff about D&B. If, by saying it's a Brian Booth song, you mean it's one I wish I'd written - dead right, David combines all the elements in a way I can only dream of
young al Thanks for calling in, and for the kind words. Lovely to see you. That's a lovely picture too, so peaceful. Take care - Al
Brian Booth/Serendipity Thanks for pointing me towards Fortified, it's ace
brian (again) thanks for taking the trouble to comment - the least we can do for each other here on IAC is give a few moments' attention to each others' work
Brian Booth/Serendipity Miss V - I've moved 'Fortified' to here, as David had two on the last station - tell him he should tour the UK, pronto
John Kerruish Hi miss Vicky...Just thought I'd say hi!
brian (again) Hi Miss V, hope you're well - I sent the following message to David, butjust in case he doesn't get it, here's a copy: 'please click on the link, I'd be delighted if you contributed'
brian (finally) this is the link I sent, too
Al Stravinsky Hi! Thanks for playing 'Sofa'. That's 3 out of 63 - I am honoured indeed! Hope you are well and thanks again - Al
Jon Valenti Just wanted to let you know that I added 2 new songs. Thought you might have wanted to know.
Brian just in case you didn't know - David's kindly added one at this link. Hope you're well
Josh Hey Vicky, I just thought I'd pop in and say g'day! hope all's well with you! love josh
Josh Backwell Hi Vicky, just letting you know that I have a new song up, called "Sunburn Your teeth, I'd love you to have a listen and tell me what you think! Cheers, Josh
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