I have a page of songs which are simply a vocal accompanied by acoustic guitar or piano - the link is below. The songs on here were a bit more complex though not necessarily better for that, but I'm now reverting to type, as the IAC free allowance shrinks to 2 and I try to add more. Hope you enjoy them anyway.

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Vicky Hi Naal, welcome to Musical Journeys and That Was The River, This is the Sea. Lovely songs!
Jilly (JB AUDIO FEEDBACK You are proudly featured on my popular station with my own AUDIO INTRO above your song, and review below - Click my name for link and drop by and say hello sometime.
SWIW Passed emotional ocean on to Jilly (JB) for the treatment.
Jillianne Don't shorten it Naal! If you want to go more commercial let me stick some rolling waves on it an a small orchestra floating in the distance - send PM if you're tempted.
Brian Thanks for the message - RP has left me lost for words. Re the above from Jillianne - go on, it's what we have collaboration stations for...
Jilly Left PM 14.30
brian You just get better and better
brian (again) I mean what I write. Your stuff is really, really good
30 WAYS STATIONS YOU are welcome
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