Current Band Members
Jan Melia ….... vocals
Oli …………..... bass, guitars, back voice
Victor Scott …. beats

Short Biography

Originally from Liverpool, Jan & Oli started song writing in 1994, working in Derry, Northern Ireland, they produced several albums of acoustic guitar tracks, at the Nerve Centre, Derry and in Galway recording an inspired session with Derek Murray from the Saw Doctors.
They went on to form ‘bellybutton’, a five piece fun loving band that created a strange blend of Ska, touring throughout the republic of Ireland, including a residency at the Hair of the Dog in Moville.

In 1998 they formed the first version of EWF, with the aim of blending strong blues vocals with earthy beats, ska and a low blue groove. Guitarist Tom Watkiss completed the trio and good times were spent hanging out in the vibrant Derry music scene, with the likes of ‘The Screaming Bin Lids’, the Bunch of Chancers poetry group and deep fried funk Djs. At this time EWF performed across Northern Ireland, including a gig at the Belfast Literary Festival, 2000 (where Jan won an award for best performance) and also at the 2000 Woodstock Festival in America.
During the following 2 years EWF produced a live album and 2 studio albums, taking on a DIY approach to recording and releasing the albums and performing extensively to promote themselves. They received the ‘organic award for music’ from the Belfast Musicians Collective in 1999.

In 2001 Tom went his own way, Jan and Oli moved to Belfast and EWF was reborn, this time with punk drummer, Petesy Burns and keyboard player Dr. Iain McCurdy. The band produced 3 albums (title track of the third album ‘Whiteman Who Would Be God’ featured on the 2004 Rover MG Urban TV advert), played numerous gigs from the back streets of Belfast to the Eurockzik festival in Paris and toured Italy, Czech Republic & England, they received their second ‘organic award for music’ in 2003.

In 2005 Jan and Oli disbanded the line-up, moved to Nottingham and regained a low blue groove sound introducing drummer Victor Scott. The latest album ‘Little Miss Mousey’ was recorded by Oli on analogue half inch reels at Retrorec studios in Nottingham between March and August 2006. The album concentrates largely on emotional vocals supported with solid bass and beats. Each song offers an insight into the life and love of Little Miss Mousey, complex, calm, sensitive and explosive, Miss Mousey is sexually aware passionate and hell bent in her pursuit of love.

EWF hosted a jazz café at the Maze Club in Nottingham on the last Tuesday of each month and featured at the White Night festival, Coreggio Italy in the Autumn of 2009.
Over the years EWF have gained a wide range of experiences, recorded and live radio appearances on BBC Northern Ireland, local radio in Italy and France and community radio such as Northern Visions FM, Radio Regen and Faile Radio, various websites have EWF music, they have been interviewed by Hotpress in Ireland and had features in alternative ‘zines’ such as ‘Saggy Pants’ and ‘Warzone’.

To add to the plot Jan and Oli have also featured on channel 4’s ‘wife swap’ programme.

A rare interview can be found at www.saggy-pants.com alternative music review.
( go to saggy pants then click on new magazine, then interviews, then Last Tuesday café)

A jukebox appearance can be found at www.creaturemag.com online arts review magazine.

good big thing
beatsy, bassy blues with a female front vocal

h h

mr right
mr right is a quirky wee song , female lead vocals, male backing with drum,bass and acoustic guitar

h h

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engine w fader

9/10/2007 5:53:54 AM
engine w fader are piloting the musical 'little miss mousy' at the custard factory in Birmingham, thursday 13th september ... also performing pilot shows on the night are Ambitus, Rough Memory, The Licencees and Fearless Theatre Co.
the night has been organised by B-Theatre ... £5 in.

engine w fader

5/8/2007 2:55:05 PM
On Tuesday 15th May at 7.30pm Nottingham based, alternative blues act
ENGINE W FADER will launch the first of 3 ‘gigs with no audience’ on U-Tube.

The band members, Jan Melia (vocals), Oli (bass) and Victor Scott (beats) say, “the ‘3
gigs with no audience” were recorded at 3 different locations, big and small,
and will be released on U-Tube over 3 weeks to allow people of all ages and background,
anywhere in the world to enjoy the concerts.”



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