Hello my name is Lenea, I just turned 15 and love to sing.............!
check out some of my music and please stop for awhile , and let me know what you think ,also please check out the most coolest flash site in the world...www.lenea.net

"Cant tell you enough"

Easy Listening/Soft Rock
h h

'More" written By jason Johnston
In between country and maybe a little bit pop..listen

h h

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Brian Booth/Serendipity lovely stuff, glad to add it here
Hugh Enjoyed a listen to "Can't Tell You Enough" - thanks...
* Your song '"Cant tell you enough"' has just been added to Over the Hills ... station!
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Msg  Go!

I also have a web page www.lenea.net and you can email me personally at www.lenea.net
check us out at pure volume our bands name is "Yester_Day"
we have some of our other songs
there for you to give a listen,.. thank you ,...Lenea
leggs world
the music maniac

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