KAW Creation consists of the creative song writing talents of Mark Kaufman , Letha Allen, and Geoff Wood.

Formed primarily as an internet collaboration project, KAW Creation has since developed into a solid team of international songwriter / musicians, covering a wide range of musical styles and genres.

Multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Mark Kaufman, singer songwriter Letha Allen, and keyboardist programmer/producer Geoff Wood, combine musical talents to cover a wide range of styles, with a reference to the past, and a step forward towards the future.With no two songs alike, KAW Creations’ intent is to produce music without boundaries, and content without limits.

Independently crafted sound for independent visionaries. ™

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A Stranger Told Me You Were Gone
A song written and performed with French tunesmith and vocalist Yann Causeret, with additional guitar work from Hervé Gotthilf and KAW Creation. A Stranger is the moment of realisation. The moment where time becomes misplaced and the world stops. A song for those who are left behind.

Adult Contemporary
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Linda Lou
A Southern rock song inspired by song writer Letha Allens childhood in Saylerville, Kentucky. The use of natural instrumentation, ( acoustic guitar, mandolin, harmonica, ) layered over a soulful, danceable, country back beat, and a solid electric rhythm section, provides both depth, and lightness to complement the solid performance of vocalist, and co-writer, Mark Kaufman. USTC00964593

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Love Rains Down
“Love Rains Down” tells the story of a travellers’ journey home. With soaring vocals placed over a strong percussive backbeat, and floating harmonies complimenting a strong and uplifting vocal performance, “Love Rains Down” is a song which resonates with emotion and recognition. Featuring the vocal talents of Letha Allen. USTC00964610

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You Do It Right
With soulful vocals delivered over a solid acoustic rock groove, “You Do it Right” is a number that stands out beyond the usual suspects of everyday musical fare. USTC00964617

Classic and Progressive Rock
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Brand New Plan
Written as a country rock song, with steel and acoustic guitar and a double fiddle line, “Brand New Plan” is essentially a four minute musical chick flick condensed down to fit a four minute story line. USTCZ0975214

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Bryon Tosoff

8/14/2009 4:32:35 AM
Added your rockin out Country Blues tune Linda Lou to blues music is truth,love that good ole Bo influence too.....shave and a haircut..two bits......good vibe dudes.nice

KAW Creation

8/10/2009 2:22:17 PM
More music coming real soon !



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