Born in a sultry South Florida storage bay sometime around 1996, a tight knit group of friends and musicians began laying the foundation for what would become My Blue Hemi. In those early day the group practiced and experimented with different line ups in hopes of creating one cohesive songwriting juggernaut. That dream would materialize in 1998 when a chance encounter with middle school friend and drummer extraordinaire, Carl Parker, occurred at a local pool hall. As the story goes the Damian, at the time the bass player, approached Carl with a head full of MDMA and babbled Carl’s ear of about a group he was playing with down the road. Carl appeared the following day with a kit covered in cow print laminate, the practice that ensued that evening was the beginning of My Blue Hemi.

Not ready to leave the warehouse My Blue Hemi continued writing and soon enlisted Jayson “Firecrotch” Rotella, a very accomplished guitar player to fill a vacant bass slot as Damian had recently switched to guitar. The Reggae and Dub influence Firecrotch would bring to the band was just enough push to get the Hemi boys out on the streets.

My Blue Hemi played every smoke filled bar they could and established a loyal following, every dollar they ever earned unfortunately was spent on drinking instead of recording. This led to the creation of two live EP’s and one four song demo. In 2004 the band entered the studio and began work on their first full length, a more mature band, with more evolved songs. The long days in the studio took their toll on the band and with an album 65% complete, all the rock and roll clichés soon brought My Blue Hemi to its knees.

It would take another five years for the band to all get together in the same room, time and miles had healed the wounds. A vote was taken and MBH packed up and left for Atlanta to continue work on the unfinished album.


Blind Melon, Bob Marley, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Neil Young and Crazy Horse, Janes Addiction, The Allman Brothers Band, The Grateful Dead, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Bad Religion, Toots and the Maytals, The Afghan Whigs, Bob Dylan, The Band, The early 90’s, Jimi Hendrix, DMB………………

The Band

Jason Carro (vocals, guitars, harp)
Carl Parker (drums and percussion)
Mac Thompson (bass and guitars)
Firecrotch Rotella (bass and lead guitars)
Damian Capo (bass and guitars)

White Room
Bass and drum pounding rocker, song was written about the dark corners of your mind that you can only find when you have consumed enough MDMA and NO2 to do permanent damage to your hypothalamus. I used to just hallucinate Gary Coleman swearing at me, but to each their own. Enjoy!

Alternative Retro and Psychedelic
h h

Love To Hate You
This is one of my favorite tracks, 1 2 3 4 go!

Melodic Punk rock
h h

This track will be released in mastered form eventually on the full length coming soon. In the mean time this is the best I have, the vocal track is incomplete haters.

Hard Rock
h h

Riding Waves
Track number four on Live at Rays I, always a crowd favorite. A shitty recording overall but it captures the times well

Surf Punk
h h

Where We Are
Mello feel good tune about missing friends and picking up where you left off

alternative folk pop
h h

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7/8/2008 6:57:57 PM
reminiscent of "the Band" love it!!




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