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Dj Bruh Easy Listening
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Easy smooth vibe and easy listening
Such artists as Francesca Tamellini, Steve April, Bryon Tosoff and many more
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Tosoff and April
Coffee and Chocolate
Dj Bruh here for easy listening music styles, check out Coffee and Chocolate, Steve lays down some interesting lyrics here. I like coffee and chocolate they go together, right, but some times not. Some people are coffee, bitter, smooth, mellow, bright and some chocolate is the same, various degrees and types of tastes, added to station 7/22/2023 4:13:36 PM
Easy Listening/Soft Rock 8637
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Bryon Tosoff
GONE AWAY w guitarist John Kieselhorst newer
Bryon does the vocals and piano as well as synths and John Kieselhorst plays some exotic guitar added to station 3/11/2024 5:36:46 AM
AAA/Adult Alternative 8637
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Francesca Tamellini
Strawberry Moon
The wonderful and Iconic voice of Francesca Tamellini. lovely vocals and incredible lyrics weaving a beautiful song and sharing her amazing talents with us. added to station 3/11/2024 5:40:57 AM
English acoustic songwriting 8637
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Richard Scotti
Tasty easy grooving vibe with a nice feel. A real fine song that wraps its lovely harmonies and music around you and caresses your mind and soul. Love the Chorus, rich textures throughout and great vocals,and catchy rhythm and captivating guitar solo. Open Road folks, for sure its a beauty from Richard Scotti added to station 3/11/2024 5:51:52 AM
Folk/Acoustic Rock/Americana 8637
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Past Hours
Street Lights
sweet melodic angelic groove added to station 3/25/2024 4:47:07 AM
Shoegazer 8637
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over you
Drifting away on this one. this guy is blessed with an amazing voice, great guitar work, well woven lyrics that thoughtfully put together, top drawer musician, well seasoned player, well produced added to station 3/29/2024 11:31:04 PM
Alternative Pop Rock 8637
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David Caprie
What a great cover, wonderful vocals and amazing range, tasty arrangement. This is what more musicians need to do, work on developing your chops doing covers people added to station 3/30/2024 12:02:36 AM
Country Ballad 8637
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