Larree Thank you so much for the add, DJ Bruh! uch love to you and yours from the guitar gods above! Jimi, Jerry, and Jeff Beck shining down on YOU!
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Guitar Gods


Dj Bruh Guitar Gods
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Hey, Dj Bruh rocking you our on dis Guitar Gods station, youse all better listen up, all dis stuff kills it
Watch out,Dj Bruh coming at ya all with some of the best Music this side of indie music ,the best here on IMPNATION radio Dj Bruh doing it
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Guitar God System
Who's the Guitar God Now?
What! Smack me across the face punch me in the gut and kick me ass Dj Bruh has discovered a far out tripping hybrid hard rocking vibe fireadelic like almost psychedelic rocking hip hop fusion guitar god tripping vibe, slap me silly, this guy can kick it out hard fast and rip it up too! It is stunningly awesome brothers and sisters, get onboard and check it out, Dj Bruh said so ya hear! added to station 7/12/2023 11:14:21 PM
Hip hop Rock & Funk 8635
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Hard Luck
Dj Bruh bringing you some powerful monstrous kicking rock, Guitar God style edgy with that classic 70s sound, Epic vibe, some huge guitar ripping it up with tasty well appointed progressions with massive crazy wicked fiery guitar. SHREDDING awesome production. big hammering out percussion with a singer that nails it and drops it hard and heavy , listen up you IMPNATION people, check this tunage out, added to station 7/12/2023 11:22:47 PM
Melodic Hard Rock 8635
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Modern Day Zero
Dj Bruh bringing you more hard hitting shredding rock , its epic, its killer huge slapping you hard and heavy, RAWK it check out the killer fiery guitar ,shredding killing it, bringing it, hey who else writes up dis kind happening shite, get off yer asses people and listen to one of the many Dj Bruh happening stations, Smack it with an outlaw style added to station 7/12/2023 11:48:09 PM
Rock 8635
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Duane Flock
As It Is
Amazing ,salute to the guitar god Duane Flock added to station 3/26/2024 4:57:31 PM
80s Rock 8635
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