Neil w Young Thank you for adding "Rock This Place" and for your kind words.
The Rhythm Kings Thanks for adding our song.....greatly appreciated!
Tom O'Brien Thanks for the kind words about "The Last Man on Earth!"
Larree We are so glad you dug taking this journey with us! Thanks for the kind words.
silverwoodstudio this is so cool. thank you for remembering this tune. This is quite a surprise. awesome station.
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selections by s. april


Coffee & Cream
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Remember this from years ago, love the catchy guitar riff, and charmin' production values, Rob's vocal brings the story home, darn if stuff like this happens in our little towns, or big cities, and they affect families, communities, hold a mirror up to the dark and light in human nature, kudos... added to station 5/15/2024 3:12:32 AM
Acoustic PsychFolk 8541
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After The Storm
Adding this to a 2nd station, got a happenin' opening riff, the mix of female vocal & almost heavy metal riffage works well, kinda ethereal/heavy, like feathery lead, almost an Indian mystic vibe in places, studio savvy and elan, kudos. added to station 1/30/2024 1:16:28 AM
Alternative Modern Rock 8541
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Contemplating Waves
Fantasy part 3: Racing Through the Himalayas
Guitar players with mind-expanding chops take the stage, if you lend them your ears, recalls the days of the Grateful Dead, or John McLaughlin maybe, in places, or a track from way back there, "The Wind" by Circus Maximus, that would be feat. on a radio show called "The Nightbird" in early FM radio days, by Allison Steele, kudos... added to station 4/4/2024 5:44:40 AM
Progressive Rock 8541
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Paul groover
Business is business
Neat track here Paul, love the bird-song, the cosmos speaks a language, and morning song a big part of that, you've added keys/synth and traversed a divide here, an artistic fruition, kudos... added to station 1/20/2024 7:24:35 AM
Ambient 8541
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The Other Side
Charmin' instrumental with a unusual step-up chord progression, or bass, and a neat orchestral string (synth) arrangement, kudos... added to station 11/24/2023 10:03:55 PM
Jazz 8541
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Tom O'Brien
The Last Man on the Earth.
Groovy track, the vocals are charmin', recalls David crosby or Paul simon maybe, the production is tasteful if spare, neat melody, recalls "the only living boy in n.y" in places a bit, would be at home on a Paul Simon cd, kudos... added to station 12/15/2023 11:47:27 PM
Acoustic Pop Folk 8541
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Bryon Tosoff
Coffee and a Donut w Flock and Wainwright
Relax and float downstream vibe, scintillating keys, bass and sax, upbeat, sounds like a pro combo kickin' back in the lounge, before goin' out to play in a coliseum, kudos...(if jazz men were to play in coliseums...) added to station 11/16/2023 3:05:51 AM
Jazz 8541
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Dave Upton
Fear of flying
Got a kickin' chorus, "fear of flying," nicely appointed finger-picking stylings, a toucha strings (or keys) in back, an emotive vocal, and charming lyrics/story, kinda eclectic and artful, recalls a David Gilmour song here and there, kudos... added to station 9/10/2023 9:56:30 PM
Alternative 8541
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The Rhythm Kings
Falling Rain
A country song, with neat guitar work, finger-pickin', a toucha county chronicle, spirited vocal, with emotion, vivid details with a family dog, a country road, a rainy day, touches on the restorin' power of a good rain, kudos... added to station 5/22/2023 5:03:34 AM
Country Ballad 8541
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Feelings In The Silence
A stellar guitar instrumental, beautifully performed, recalls blues masters like roy Buchanan maybe, and a toucha Clapton from early days, moody, blazing like a shooting star, and meditative, the piano's a excellent counterpoint to the guitar work, a fun listen, kudos... added to station 5/31/2023 4:03:37 AM
Easy Listening/Soft Rock 8541
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Shawn Adam Williams
Big Bruno (For Bruce)
"Big Bruno is a soul man down in Georgia/wants to do his thing out in California," a swampy blues vibe, an authentic feel, well-sung and well-played, a la Robert Johnson, way back when, an entertainin' story, kudos... added to station 5/21/2023 11:22:09 PM
Acoustic Blues 8541
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Svetlana Toropoviene (Lana)
Night Queen
Among the catchiest EDM/pop tunes I've heard in many moons, would be a hit on Radio-play, Lana's vocal jumps with emotional energy, "you called me queen of night," the lyrics are charmin', weave a story about two people in a club who hit it off magically, neat backing riff and vocal support by Lana's partner-on-the-song also ,kudos.... added to station 5/22/2023 4:56:49 AM
Electronic 8541
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Activate The Funk (Baptised In The Funk Wawtuh)
Really like the intro with the vocal fx tones, "activate the funk," morphs into a funky r&b groove, with neat vocal feat. a falsetto also, tasteful production values, Stoneman brings the rhythms, charmin' vibe, kudos... added to station 5/7/2023 9:45:11 PM
Funk 8541
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Paul groover
Art land
atmospheric, intriguing, w a sonic rainbow of rhythms/instrumentationn, happenin' experimental vibe, kudos... added to station 11/29/2021 5:36:31 AM
Alternative Retro and Psychedelic 8541
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Steve April
Outstanding sax part, and lead guitar by Mark, "feed your head," the doorknob said, dedicated to Stan, friend of my youth, kudos, and by the way I forgot about this station, so look forward to adding more songs here... added to station 4/30/2023 2:20:06 AM
Alternative 8541
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Fade to Black
Circle Groove (producer's cut)
a rockin' song, w a vibe a bit like blue oyster cult imhv, for a few moments anyway, this band w a identifiable sound, strange/esoteric lyrics, drummer and bass locked in tight, charmin' vocal tones, kudos... added to station 11/27/2021 10:19:47 PM
Post Genre 8541
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Ben Elliot
a toucha magic in this kaleidoscopic piece, "maybe that's not me," an evocative sonic tapestry, w pathos, and a fantastical vibe, touching' on "silhouettes," and the shadow show, kudos... added to station 11/29/2021 5:38:55 AM
Alternative Ballad 8541
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