raymond porter Thanks Todd, this is a different approach that i'm trying in this song and i'm not quite happy with it yet but i'm so happy you like it and i thank you so much for your never ending support.
Susan and Satch Hello Todd, the shoutbox showed up, so we'd LOVE to be a part of number four!
Brian of Fyvwunsyx Please give this one a listen -thx
what about CELLAR DOORS or another one you haven't tried yet from GOOD Stuff Part 4?? Love to be up in here with The CODE, Ray
Raven Woodstock
Woody Hey Todd - thanks so much for including Red Wine
Woody ...and cigarettes, and for the lovely things you said about it.
Good Stuff fo' sho', up in here! Thank you very kindly Todd fer the inclusion! -pHLeGm
The CODE Hey Todd - stopping by to say THANKS for the quote and the station Add! ROCK ON>>>
Hugo Thanks, Todd...don't worry 'bout me, Brutha, I'm OK, You're OK...I think that may be my best song ever and your comment makes me feel even more that way...thanks...
tommy saddler Wow pop, as if appearing here wasn't enough of an honor - you grace me with an honest crotique that brother I am so flattered by - I owe you one brother, you have restored what had become a dwindling confidence in my stuff with your opininions. THX
Jesse Adams Thanks Todd! You know I appreciate your support greatly. :) Good to see you working on station so much. You're building another good one right here!
Vin Todd!! Thanks for including Photo! And you always say such nice things about everyone!! Seriously appreciate it :)
OatP Thanks a TON for adding Turtle Song. And thanks even more tons for the wonderful comments about it. Peace!
Chris Mahon Hey, thank you so much for adding Love You More to your station. And thanks for the very cool review! Catch you soon. Chris
Bob Elliott Hope we can play together someday...
bryon tosoff Todd. well somebody knows their stuff. you a jazz lover too. thanks for adding. it is a different sort of tune. hard for people to get into it..thanks for the compliment
JAM Thanks Todd! I appreciate the add and your comments on "Lullaby" Thanks! Jeff
Bob Elliott Thanks for the support, Todd...always aiming to be part of 'the good stuff.'
Hugo (and Joe) Thanks, Todd! Beware the UnDead.
Hugo hahaha - I actually left the Guitar Universe price tag on a percussive gizmo I bought and only recently cut it off...just prior to a Joe gig...should've left it on and made that joke!
Doc Killian yall come on by and let me know what ya think of my songs
Paul groover Thanks so much just check out my songs seem to be working ok
Grant McCauley Hello, could you please check out my tunes for consideration to your station, thanks
Hugo Aw shucks, Todd - appreciate the generous appraisal of our duet, and am thoroughly pleased that a rockin' punk like yerself can roll with the soft stuff too (lol)...xoxo, H
Marc New track here, have a listen !Thanks !!!
Mike Adams 1 Take a listen to the new "Will Not"
Stephen John Thank you for adding my music. Bless
Richard Scotti Thanks so much for the adding URBAN SYMPHONY, Todd. It's an honor to be on one your respected and popular stations.
Jesse Adams Thanks Todd! Your kind words are greatly appreciated, as is your support. :)
Denise Great station. Would love for you to take a listen to our material and let me know what you think of it. Have a great Wednesday, Denise:)
Richard Scotti Hey Todd, please check out my NEW version of URBAN SYMPHONY (REMIX II)
Richard Scotti sorry, u already have the new version!
Tom O'Brien Hey Todd, you're always a positive addition to the pipeline. Thanks for adding "To Seed." And it's cool to be compared to Michael Penn.
Nacho Valenciaga Todd, thank you for adding my song "Fear" to your station, and for your nice words. It's a real honor for me to sound here. Again thousand thanks. NV
adam please have a listen! thanks.
Stephen thanks for the add, bless!!!
Michael Caruso "Madelyn"..The Perils Of Falling For A Pro
Will Champlin (I Felt) The Drum
Nacho VAlenciaga Hello again! I have new songs on my page and I'm sure you'll like my new smooth jazz style. Hope you like. Greetings from Spain.
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Once again, a "Good Stuff" station has been filled!!! Here is yet another batch of Good Stuff!
Everything that strikes my fancy... "Me" being Hop On Pop. So, lay it on me!!!
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Camera Obscura
If Looks Could Kill
I played this, and my wife and son gravitated to the computer and said: "Ooooh! I like this!" I do too! Really cool song. Pretty much everything there is to like about pop music is in this tune. Gruveeeeeee. added to station 6/9/2009 10:48:41 PM
Alternative Retro and Psychedelic 6463
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Jesse Adams
Down the Line
It's really good to hear Jesse finally letting himself sing a little more. The guy has a damn good voice, if he'll just allow himself to believe it. And this is a really good song, to boot. added to station 6/23/2009 10:46:56 AM
Alternative Rock 6463
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Son Volt
Down To The Wire
I've been following Jay since 1989 back before Uncle Tupelo released their first record. And he's been a favorite songwriter of mine since then. Not only a great songwriter, but also an amazing, amazingly honest voice. Thank God he still has a sympathetic band with him. Truly one of the modern greats! added to station 7/15/2009 1:56:51 PM
Folk/Acoustic Rock/Americana 6463
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JS (Joerg Sommermeyer)
Saint James Infirmary (Gamblers Blues)
This is cool stuff. Somewhere between Magnetic Fields and Kurt Weil and I'm not just saying that because Joerg is German. This is dark stuff, and very cool. Well done, sir! added to station 8/6/2009 12:15:06 PM
Folk Blues 6463
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Tom O'Brien
To Seed
Just made it into the Underground 40, and with good reason. This is a really good song. Reminds me a bit of Michael Penn, and that is a good thing! Great melody and feel. Like the strings, too. added to station 8/26/2009 11:40:09 AM
Organic Pop Folk 6463
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Kosher Song
Fly on the Wall brought this to my notice via the Pipeline, calling it "a trip". He's right. This is excellent. I am a notorious sucker for klezmer, and combining it with a jazz/blues — like something from Porgy & Bess — is a stroke of genius. You know the Gershwins were Jewish! added to station 8/27/2009 10:59:51 AM
World 6463
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Isabella Vina
Reminiscent of late-80's XTC and Jellyfish – this is simple pitch-perfect psychedelic pop music. Wonderful harmonies and a well-thought arrangement. A joy to listen to. added to station 9/9/2009 4:52:17 PM
Indie Pop 6463
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The Arcade Fire
Neighborhood #3(power out)
Great band. Great song. Period. added to station 9/10/2009 12:18:50 PM
Alternative 6463
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Sandra Bernhard
All Around
She may be insane, but this is a pretty cool little pop song. A definite 80's new wave flavor, which will probably come as no surprise. added to station 9/11/2009 11:12:28 AM
Pop 6463
Add this song to another Station
Geoff is down on his vocals. I don't know why; they're perfect for the song. And this is a really, really cool song! Very nice work. Geoff should get behind the mic more often. Excellent guitar work, too! added to station 5/26/2009 1:36:01 PM
Alternative Retro and Psychedelic 6463
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The Living Dolls
Instant Party
Power pop. Hooks n' harmonies. Cool. Thanks! added to station 5/7/2009 1:08:53 PM
Power Pop 6463
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I don't know WHAT you WANT from ME (live track)
Somewhere between Rancid, Naked Raygun, and the Dead Kennedys. Truly punk. Melodic hardcore. And a really cool tune. I would love to hear a studio recording of this, when you get around to it, Phlegm. This has become one of my favorites of yours and it's not even done yet! added to station 5/6/2009 1:27:06 PM
Live Performances 6463
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The Human League
(Keep Feeling) Fascination
I grew up with this song. And it actually sounds better to me now than it did when I was a 13-year-old metalhead. For obvious reasons. Great tune. added to station 3/6/2009 5:55:56 PM
avant electro pop 6463
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I'm Coming Over
One of the best songs from one of the best albums by one of the best bands of the whole first-wave California punk scene. Love you guys! added to station 4/1/2009 2:55:33 PM
Punk 6463
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Every Kane
This is the first song that I (Todd from Hop On Pop) ever wrote. Not a bad start, I don't think. added to station 3/16/2009 12:22:25 PM
Alternative 6463
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Joe Jack Talcum
Punk Rock Girl
I wanna dress like Minnie Pearl!!!! But I already cut the tag off of my ukelele! added to station 4/2/2009 11:29:00 PM
Alternative 6463
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Bob Elliott
Is Bob ever going to stop making great tunes? I hope not. This one is a little different for Bob: some (obviously) electronic percussion and a vocal arrangement that is just slightly left-of-center; but you have to really listen to hear it. And, lest you think that's a slight, it's not... the arrangement is inspired and beautiful... vocals and instrumentation. I think I hate you too, Bob. added to station 3/30/2009 11:35:42 AM
Alternative Retro and Psychedelic 6463
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Chris Mahon
Love You More
I love the vocal mix on this one. It's a very cool song, in general, that reminds me a little of a more-pop Alice In Chains/Meat Puppets hybrid. And a Meat Puppets feel will pretty much always hook me! added to station 1/15/2009 1:22:57 PM
Alternative 6463
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Otis and the Professors
Turtle Song
Okay, so I went and listened really because they added "Cary's Here" to their station, but when I was listening, something happened. I liked it!!! A very intimate bedroom recording that reminds me a little of Syd Barrett and a little of Daniel Johnston and a little of Death Cab For Cutie. Endearing and affecting bedroom folk pop from Otis and his cohorts. added to station 2/5/2009 10:57:50 PM
Folk/Acoustic Rock/Americana 6463
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Joe Jack Talcum
In Praise of Sha Na Na
It's the Dead Milkman raised from the dead!!! The Undead Milkman?! added to station 4/1/2009 8:06:54 PM
Alternative 6463
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Peter Adams
"Violin-soaked punk folk rock"? That grabbed my attention! This is a really, really cool song! Somewhere between The Arcade Fire and Andrew Bird... with obvious command of classical harmonic theory and an intuitive sense of melody and perhaps, even more importantly drama. I am looking forward to hearing more of what this guy has to offer. added to station 2/17/2009 1:56:18 PM
Alternative 6463
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Mr. Crabby
I love Lambchop and have for a very long time. This song is no "Your Fucking Sunny Day", but it's still a good one. Welcome to IAC, gang!!! added to station 1/28/2009 2:16:51 PM
Country Rock 6463
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Paul groover
Pearls and Tales feat Anjuli
Cool, trance-like grooving song that makes me want to delve deeper into Paul's catalog. And Anjuli adds a particularly sultry vocal. Unfortunately, a whole lot of stuff on his page is not working! So, this will have to suffice for now. Good thing it's so damn good. Welcome to The Good Stuff, Paul! added to station 4/7/2009 2:46:03 PM
alternative electronic rock 6463
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rob the rich
Super Furry Animals with a Cockney accent? Damn the comparisons, this is EXCELLENT progressive pop with great hooks and enough musical surprises to keep me actively listening not just through the song, but 2 or 3 times through the song, in a row!!! One of my favorite new finds here at the IAC. So cool!!! added to station 1/15/2009 7:38:34 PM
Pop 6463
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Upset the Boyfriend
More killer riffage from THE CODE These guys are just a great rock band. Period. added to station 1/14/2009 3:41:28 PM
Alternative Modern Rock 6463
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Susan Raven
More than just a bit reminiscent of Kate Bush. Excellent song, with soaring vocals and crystalline production. An outstanding addition to IAC and now, to The Good Stuff family. added to station 1/14/2009 6:21:18 PM
Cosmic World Fusion 6463
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Hugh Hamilton
Too Sad To Cry
There is something so honest about this one that it makes me want to call Hugh up on the phone just to make sure he's okay. Makes for a helluva song, though. added to station 1/16/2009 3:10:18 PM
Blues 6463
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Steve Iannetti
Doctor Jack
Thanks to the satch thread about Steve, I went back and rediscovered the man and the musician after several years. There has long been another Steve song at the first Good Stuff station, but, going back, this one grabbed me real good-like. Great tune! added to station 3/16/2009 7:28:43 PM
Pop Rock 6463
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Natalie Brown
It's A Beautiful Day
It's great to have Natalie back. And this is a great pop song. Pure pop. I like it. Something very naïve about this one in a good way. Makes me smile, which is all that you can ask a pop song to do for you. added to station 3/9/2009 12:54:49 PM
Pop 6463
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Sam Phillips
Don't Do Anything
Welcome Sam Phillips, one of the great songwriters of the last half of the 20th century... still going strong in the 21st!!! So great to see/hear you here at IAC! added to station 2/5/2009 1:26:32 PM
Alternative 6463
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Conversation Suicide
Semi-Melodic hardcore from Phlegm and friends. I like hardcore. And this is fun. I think I'm on a hardcore kick recently. Because this is sounding good!!! added to station 3/23/2009 2:57:29 PM
Hard Alternative 6463
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Conversation Suicide
Whips and Chains
Kinda sophomoric. Kinda retro. Kinda silly. And very fun. And very catchy. Play this song for your significant other and see what happens!!! added to station 1/15/2009 2:11:21 PM
Hard Alternative 6463
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Tommy Saddler
Soul Sister
Delicate composition that makes subtle shifts, just as you think it's gonna stay static. Pretty and delicate. added to station 1/16/2009 2:07:12 PM
Ambient Jazz 6463
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Bob Elliott
How Lonely?
I think that I should just create a Bob Elliott station, huh? Shades of Al Stewart on this one, but in a really good way. How does this guy retain such high quality and remain so prolific? Another great one, Bob. Bob is on my shortlist of folks that I want to meet and collaborate with in-person. pathetic bar chick Call me? /pathetic bar chick added to station 2/13/2009 1:25:06 PM
Alternative Retro and Psychedelic 6463
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Jeff Allen Myers
Bye Bye Lullaby
Jeff calls this "bubblegum pop". Got news for you Jeff, I wouldn't call it that. "Bubblegum" implies a lack of substance, and this has plenty of substance to go along with the solid melodies and excellent hook. Very nice work, Jeff! added to station 3/23/2009 4:49:46 PM
Easy Listening/Soft Rock 6463
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Vincenzo Ardilio
Got Your Photo
It almost seems like it can't be a "Good Stuff" station without Vincenzo on there. So, now it's official. Nobody on the IAC (or pretty much anywhere else, for that matter) makes me wanna get up out of my chair and shake my ass the way that Vincenzo does. Great beats. Great hooks. That's his game. added to station 1/20/2009 7:14:05 PM
Dance Pop 6463
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Hugh Hamilton
We Cannot Have Tomorrow (duet)
Minimalist melodicism. There is a tenderness to Hugh's voice here that is really affecting and the longing, resigned-sounding sax plays off of it perfectly. A really pretty song. A really wonderful song and arrangement. And probably Hugh's best vocal performance, ever. Or, at least that he's posted here on IAC. added to station 4/15/2009 5:34:32 PM
Folk/Acoustic Rock/Americana 6463
Add this song to another Station
This sounds to me like one of the harder-rocking tracks from Blur's Parklife or Modern Life Is Rubbish albums. Great melody, hard rocking, and a singer that is unabashedly English and knows just how cool his accent can sound. Great stuff. added to station 1/29/2009 4:23:38 PM
Alternative Pop Rock 6463
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