marc bosserman Thank you. You are awesome.
WJU Please check out my new song Towers of Babylon? Thanx!
Hank Thanks for the add! We appreciate it very much!
Hank Thanks for the add! We appreciate it very much!
stag hey great station...thanks for bringing Katrina on...stag
Susan Big thanks to Denmark and all who enjoy the music!
Lady Venom Thanks for adding Conga En La Casa
reverse We'd like to be added to this station, but unfortunately we smell. We smell really bad. It's a terrible, evil smell that no man should have to smell. And our music smells, too. It stinks. Like us. We stink and the music stinks. We are human worms.
J.D. Gravis This is such a Cool Station - I just love the selections ! Thanks For adding "Martha, the Flower Of Sweet Strabane" !
Darryl Monroe Thank you so much for adding my rambling naration of a song, wonderful to know I am being heard in Europe and elsewhere ! Again, thnnk you.....Darryl
Wet Dentist yo, thanks for putting "Pyramid Crowbar" up just in time for the holidays
Ipoppa (Tack s mycket... Fr the dd)
Texas Willie Danke! For playing Ogee Blues here!....I really appreciate it!
the jazz kitchen thx for the add of "Allemande"...great station by the way!
Bmdoser Hi dear Fem Til friends! first i want to thank you for supporting me at your station!!!! what I also want to say: please listen to Xmas song Bmdoser and spread the word! love, Rembrant B. Bmdoser
Beth Fridinger Thanks for adding my song "Look in the Mirror" to your station!
No Rhythm Hey there. Thanks for listening to our songs. We have added some more so feel free to drop by for a listen. Cheers Mark
Marc Thanks for playing -ON THE STRANGE FLYING MECHANIC- All the best !
MudTrane Merci beaucoup! support live blues
Jordan Whistler Tak for at tilføje mig til din station! Længe leve Danmark (Og Google oversætter)!
Bob Maloney new song a bit like Bob Dylan title is 'One Man Show
The Mulligan Project When you get a chance check out my music and if you dig my sound, add a song =) I just finished my full length album and could use some support. Thanks
Steve April Check out "calypso lady" if you have a moment, for your cool station peace...
Susan Thank you thank you thank you!
SuperPuss Big feline hugs and purrs for adding F-Spot =^.^=
staggerlee hi-tx for playing 2nd coming!
Karl Sloan Hi. New songs Anytime you call and Wings of a lullaby added. Best wishes.
PopiKoK We would love to borrow your ear and have a chance to get into your station and into Denmark. Satro
Jesse Adams Hey! Thanks for adding my tune "Drone"! And hello Denmark, how's the weather over there? ;)
Glen Cheers! x
staggerlee Hi-"second coming" has gotten incredible play on your statio. thanks! kindly check ou "gwine miami"..similar blues root. take care
veenatai Thanks for including "full baat".
Tokyo Penguin Denmark, thanks for adding our song to your station. Glad you like our "Wanton".
Susan To independence!
Holworks Music Thanks for playing our song Can't Hold Back Time
Alberto Martinez Thanks for playing rock the morning, an intellectual song LOL
reverse Hello! We grovel to you shamelessly with the sole intention of getting one of our songs on here! See us grovel! It is pitiable!
DJWings Thank for putting my music on your station, I really appreciate it.
Chris Mahon Hi and thanks for adding one of my songs to your station! Chris
Nerve Tonic Thanks for adding Pig Iron!
yellow jumps twice hi, thanks for adding "The Cheating Kind" to your station. h.a.n.d. sebastian
Grant McCauley Hello, could you please check out Justified for your rockin station, thanks
Hugo Greetings to Denmark from Pennsylvania...thanks for having a listen...
Cryptus Thanks a lot for addin Cryptus to your station,Hey Denmark,Have a good day!
Miles Cope What an hohor to be played across the sea in such a beautiful country that supports Jazz so well. Thanks for the add on of "Lucky So
DAME Please play our trax on your station. QUOTE: If there is a young band out there today that can thrust women into the spotlight in the rock scene, it will be Dame! quote by Bob Donovan INTune Magazine.D
The Waxbills Thanks to all who've listened to "Take It". We've replaced With Eyes with Love Song - a tidbit of our new CD, Cheers all!
WJU Please check out the songs on my page? Thanx!
Brian Songsmith Hey, really enjoy the songs here! Excellent music indeed! Heard The Auto Defiance? Indie pop, Alt.Rock with Cello
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Indepencency at all is scarce in Scandinavia.


Fem til Danmark
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Musikslusen med fem nye melodier om dagen til Danmark / Five new songs a day for Denmark
Uden stor sentimentalitet og af bar interesse / Without longing, just for the fun of it.
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Haensel und Gretel
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Biscuits and Bourbon
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Simia Dei
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Sam Cooper
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