William J Urmson Thanx so much for featuring my song and I see you also have my friends Neil and Jo Ellen on here as well good choice! WJU
Neil Thank you so very much for adding my 50's inspired song, "I Got My Ragtop Down" to your station. It is an honor to be included here with the other great artists that you have on your playlist. Best wishes to you always .. Neil
Carolyn Thanks for including my song - God is amazing and has brought me so far - peace!!
Karl Sloan Hi. Thanks for adding Ghost at Midnight. All the best, Karl.
reverse Hey there! Why not lie back and relax with the stately sounds of reverse! Lie on the floor, if you must! Lie on top of us, even. We won't mind. Other people have done it.
reverse And this time, here's the frikkin' link!
raymond porter Thanks so much.
pipandmerry why a big thank you for the add of hush-a bye, love to ya merry
Dick Thanx! :)
Paul Adams Please check out For Your Attention and Cold Outside Thanks
Paul Adams Many tanks for adding the track. Take it easy, P:-)
raymond porter thanks for the support.
Steve April Many thanks...peace...
Neil w Young Thank you sincerely for your continued great support - it is much appreciated by myself and the guys in the band. We are honored to be on your station.
Joe Wood Come to the STEEPLECHASE!
William J Urmson What can I say guys? or huh gals? I'm honored to be on your station! WJU
raymond porter thanks again for your support.
Come Undone Please check out our new songs
Steve April Many thanks for including "the cobbler..." he's happy check it out. peace...
Big Dogs That Talk Please consider us for your fine station. All the best
Ipoppa I am too cool - Only 5?
deb Hello! Please consider, "I Believe" (you are an angel by my side" for this station. Thanks, deb
raymond porter cheers
WJU Thanx for making me a regular on this guys!
Dig Dogs That Talk Very Cool. Thank so much.
Ipoppa Thanx for the addie!
Diane Wayne 'A MESSAGE FROM OUR FATHER IN HEAVEN" please consider for your playlist. Thank you!
Diane Wayne I'm so thrilled to be added to the playlist here on 5 Songs A Day. Thank you so much!
WJU Please check out my newest song Towers of Babylon? Thanx!
Hugh I'm honored to be on your day's list...many thanks!
savage thanks for adding seeking out my soul - I have a new song mary if you want to give it a listen
WJU Thanx Jo Ellen!
Diane Wayne I'm so excited to be added again here on 5 Songs A Day, a real honor, thank you!
Dick Aven thanx.
deb Big Hugs! Thank you!
Hugo Thanks for playing Anniversary! It's always an extra honor to be on a short playlist...
dick Aven thanky
Diane Wayne I'm thrilled to see and hear A MESSAGE FROM OUR FATHER IN HEAVEN, again on 5 Songs A Day, thank you so much,cheers!
Steve April thanks for adding "cobbler' anew, pleased to be here...
savage thanks for adding my song
Big Dogs That Talk Thanks for the add. 'Tis most appreciated. All the best to you.
deb THank you for chosing the song, "I Believe" as an add to this station. Big Hugs. Have a great holiday filled with peace and joy and loving family. deb
Petra Luna Hi .. I have just released my first contemporary Christian song called I LOVE YOU JESUS Please drop by and take a listen and consider adding it to your station .. thanks xxx
Lace THANK YOU for adding Behind Blue Eyes to your station! ~Lace~!!
Diane Wayne I think it's so cool, this station and rotation of FIVE SONGS-A-DAY, and I thank you for the many times you've added my song A MESSAGE FROM OUR FATHER IN HEAVEN, may God bless you always.
reverse Hello, again! We have bigtime new song 'I Wish I Was Friends With Some Lesbians' - totally unofficial number one on all charts in the world, quite apart from IAC. We bigtime now! Hi, girls!
Fire Chief 5 Hi, please consider my songs for your station. I am currently 17 in the KIAC Big 50. Thanks
dirty dorothy check us and let us if you like it. Thanks
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Hollow Victory feat Jake
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Hugh Hamilton
I'll See You In My Dreams
added to station 5/13/2008 7:00:06 PM
Folk/Acoustic Rock/Americana 4306
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