Hank Please stop thru and check us out, thanks!
ultrajazz Hi friend, very nice to listen "giallo notte" here. Thanks for your wonderful comment!
The CSL Jr Band hey we just added a new tune ALL IN. Check it out when you can we would love to get added to your station
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Alternative Retro and Psychedelic

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So Many Fantastic Colours
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Tunes with a bit of 'colour'.
(sorry folks, just having "Blues" in the title isn't good enough)
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Grand Jury
Golden Years
"Thick Celtic flavour", indeed. Incredible blending of various musical styles and sentiments, with a distinctive Celtic touch added by Dawn Diamond's beautiful vocals. Stirring and passionate, the lyrics show that we are all very similar. added to station 5/21/2007 9:14:08 PM
Celtic Folk Rock 3821
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Giallo Notte
Ultrajazz excels at free-form jazz ambience, and this piece is another good example of how they can establish an atmosphere with a throbbing, almost subconscious beat, mellow keys, and a sax that fleshes out the details of the nocturnal city. It could stand to be about ten minutes longer. added to station 4/17/2007 11:02:37 PM
Ultrajazz 3821
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Belerang Merah - The Quest for RED SULFUR
Refreshing to hear an excellent mix of rock guitars and beat with decidedly 'world' melodies and instrumentation. I found myself singing along before the song was halfway through (though, to be honest, all I could catch was what was in the title). I look forward to hearing more. added to station 4/17/2007 11:01:54 PM
Rock 3821
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Psyche's Muse
This bit of improvisational madness reminds me so much of the Residents w Snakefinger, that I was compelled by Morey to include it. Excellent throb to the bass, while the barb-wire guitar does some counterpoint noodling. It may be an acquired taste, but it's worth a listen. added to station 4/17/2007 11:01:21 PM
Big Band 3821
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Mute Albino
Flies On Oranges
This is a guitar instrumental piece with a bit of a nod to Zappa's compositional style. The arrangement is what really sells this song. Actually, it does remind me a bit of "Sofa". Really well played. added to station 4/17/2007 10:58:16 PM
Classic and Progressive Rock 3821
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Little Red Eyes
Evocative of '70's rock, this song has a great hook and the vox are almost serpentine- sliding through the music, undulating along. a great road tune that won't get soft in milk. added to station 4/17/2007 10:57:38 PM
Classic Rock 3821
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Johnny Max Band
Brown's Line
Killer blues vocals, with a rollicking rhythm. Excellent, grungy lead vox and a tasteful lead guitar. "Free your ass." Bartender? Jack! added to station 4/17/2007 10:57:09 PM
Blues 3821
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Dan Walsh
White Knuckle
An excellent example of bluegrass picking and at a relaxing enough pace, that makes you just sit back and enjoy the ride. Great slide work and ensemble playing. added to station 4/29/2007 1:00:27 AM
Guitar Instrumental 3821
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find the pixie
Green Hat
A caravan ride through the forest of the pixie. These guys are a continual surprise. They move from one groove to another in this piece, without ever losing the Middle Eastern-sounding qualities that the song starts off with, eventually building into a dervish. added to station 4/17/2007 10:55:41 PM
Miscellaneous 3821
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The Pillbugs
We Are the Orange Sky People
Alright, put on your psychedelic shades, and smell the flower people. Well done bit of flower-power-charged pop that could have come straight out of the sixties, only with better production. added to station 4/17/2007 10:54:28 PM
Alternative Retro and Psychedelic 3821
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Silhouettes of Blue
Excellent, peaceful soundscape that emerges from the fog into a flowing groove and hip sonic textures. added to station 4/22/2007 7:12:01 AM
Ambient 3821
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The Rubrics
Hanuman Visits the White House
I have to plead 'guity' to using this tune in a few stations. That should give you a clue as to how infectious this relatively 'lo-fi' recording is. The lyrics are witty, the tune is catchy and if you DON'T find yourself singing along (or even singing it in some subconcious moment, then you have no business listening to it in the first place. added to station 4/29/2007 12:48:47 AM
Alternative Indie Folk 3821
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