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Big Dogs That Talk   Check out this Funky-Blues Jam Band!
Death Cab for Cutie   All around they are AMAZING musicians, and their song are all but instand classics for future generations! We <3 Death Cab!

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Future Classics
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These are songs that i could see myself looking back on in 20 years with Fondness, and Nostalgia.
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Elizabeth Tryon
Fire Inside
Wow! this song is so nostalgic already for another time and place, it's already a classic! Very Good work. added to station 4/12/2007 9:50:08 PM
Pop 3796
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Big Dogs That Talk
You're Havin' Fun
This song already makes me want for the old days, just like the old songs do! Thats what Future Classics is all about. Ironically, the lap-steel in this one reminds me vaguely of the islands, whereas Big Dogs' other song's title is Island themed. :) added to station 4/12/2007 11:22:03 PM
Americana 3796
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Death Cab for Cutie
Soul Meets Body
This song is just amazing, Death Cab has a REAL Classic here! Congratulations to them! :) added to station 4/12/2007 11:56:09 PM
Alternative 3796
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