Diane Wayne 'A MESSAGE FROM OUR FATHER IN HEAVEN' please consider for your playlist. Thank you!
Rod Neufeld Hello, I have written a sort of a love's called Skinny Legs. It might fit here. Thanks, Rod
jivewhiteboy i would love for you to check out my songs "2031" and "lost sensation" thanks, jive
Diane Wayne A MESSAGE FROM OUR FATHER IN HEAVEN, and mroe is available for your consideration and playlist, thank you!
Bonnie Baxter Thanks for adding" Bullet" to the Call it Love Station..
TNT I'll be the rain maybe a song you'd like?
serundal serundal hi great station! we are celtic new age singer songwriters with eight albums to date. Female lead vocals all original material lyrics and arrangements. Medieval music for the 21st century.Two tracks here on iac. We would love to hear from you!
Karl Sloan Hi. I have just added latest tracks Losing you and Avalance if you'd consider listening to them. Thanks, Karl.
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Texas Willie's New Releases   Willie rocks.

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Shank Godley Butcher   This handsome fellow has a nasty past and a beautiful future. Share the love... oh and the hate.
  Two songs - Bang! Bang! Both winners.
heidi sterling   This is my friend Heidi's page. She's kickin some melodic butt. Basically, it's like a tonic for the illness my music causes.
Horus8 & The Werewolves   Every visit to this page is a new adventure. Prolific, uncompromising and handsome, The Werewolves have it all covered. Think Backstreet Boys on acid, and you probably will be no closer to the truth.
Gremislav Iakovich   I've heard some gems on IAC but to be honest, very few. Grem's a complete genius and the beauty of that is the fact that he doesn't realise his own awesomeness. That seals the deal.

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No happy happy joy joy, no bubblegum, no pop.


Call It Love
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I've always thought that pretty thangs were most powerful when tinged with sadness, and romance was more powerful when sparked by conflict. Indeed, I've always looked for a little brutality in beauty. This is 'that girl in the corner'.
There's something special about these artists but you won't find it in a textbook. No surgeon could extract it and no philosopher could truly understand it. Perhaps, if you asked them, they wouldn't know 'themselves'. Love is something we all aspire to - it's a thread that sews us to each other. But it's hopelessly mortal - every bit as much as we are. Perhaps that's why it's so universal. It's made of gutwrenching pain and built on doubt. It will kill you before it ever lets you control it. It's the most beuatiful disease and I hope to be suffering from it on my deathbed. I suspect that these artists may feel the same way.

Artists: You can submit any genre but it must suit the theme and make my heart sink n slither into my gut. Think before you leap.
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Shank Godley Butcher
House Of Cards
This goodlooking fellow could have written the intro for my station - this is exactly what I needed in order to start my strictly policed weird-ass list of jaded artists. Hmm, maybe I should get in touch with him. added to station 2/13/2007 1:23:23 PM
Folk/Acoustic Rock/Americana 3582
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Maia Banks
I may like songs about 'that girl in the corner' but I'd like to think that Maia IS that girl in the corner. While listening to this song a mosquito flew between my fingers, and all had to do was gently close them. It made me wonder about attraction. I'd class this song as a... 'I wish I loved song' and that's why it had to be on my blossoming station. added to station 2/13/2007 2:27:12 PM
urban folk 3582
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Quietly quirky, like a well-meaning stalker, The Jack Paddle Cover Band are sure to write a few jaded love/lust songs along the road to ruin. They're a good example of allowing influences while never letting one trend dictate the direction of their sound. I'm really looking forward to hearing the next batch and seeing how far they can push the burnt envelope. added to station 1/12/2008 6:56:47 AM
R&B/Soul 3582
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Shank Godley Butcher
Holding On
Everybody has a different interpretation of these lyrics and they're all correct. added to station 1/12/2008 7:13:15 AM
Folk/Acoustic Rock/Americana 3582
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Shank Godley Butcher
No One Wins
I don't know why it takes so long to make these bloody songs. Every now and again, something pops out that I can live with. added to station 8/26/2008 11:08:48 AM
Folk/Acoustic Rock/Americana 3582
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