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shadz Hey there how you doing? i was wondering if you could check out my page as i would love for you to play one of my tracks.thanks.shadz
Gary Revel They Slew The Dreamer - MLK Assassination Song is on iTunes
Razor Paine My name Razor Paine. But now im back wit a new single called Turn It Up. Please add this to your Station Thinks....
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Spoken Word   As we speak our words we pronounce our souls and in doing so gift our own and the world with graces of hope, love, wisdom, and power. Aberjhani
Daniel´s smooth latin jazz   Dynamic modern extension of a powerful cross-cultural tradition. Beautiful. Aberjhani
Soul, Blues, And Jazz   Interesting line-up of some powerful musical possibilities and realizations. Aberjhani/The Midnight Skylark
Soulful Divas   Divas are as Divas do and here they do superbly.
ANGEL FM San Francisco   Music to help joyfully lighten the heavier loads of the war-weary world. Aberjhani/The Midnight Skylark
Out Tha Box Sound System   Inspired concepts of creative vision and musical joy. Midnight Skylark Aberjhani
Jazz meets Fusion   Unlimited possibilities united in creative harmony. --Midnight Skylark Aberjhani
Timo's True Shaman Radio   A journey into the inner spheres of the world's shared soulful consciousness. --Midnight Skylark Aberjhani
Night Krawler   The pure uncut essence of what makes the Blues the Blues. Wicked and beautiful stuff found here. --Aberjhani
Blues.   Multiples shades of the blues from early evening sky to deep midnight indigo. --Midnight Skylark Aberjhani
Songbird   Flocks and flocks of trilling hearts covering the world with blankets of song. --Midnight Skylark Aberjhani
Ultrajazz   Boldly goes where jazz so boldly leads. --Midnight Skylark Aberjhani
R&B/Soul   Rhythm and Blues: as in the stylish never-get-old parents of modern-day funk, rock-and-roll, and hip hop.-- Midnight Skylark Aberjhani
special station for pipeline   As visually compelling as it is musically so. --Midnight Skylark Aberjhani
Life   A collective of brilliant artists and thrilling sounds for every listening mood and mode. --Midnight Skylark Aberjhani
journeyman   A rich collage of soulfully evocative and provocative sounds. --Midnight Skylark Aberjhani
Jazz   Groovaliscious listening pleasure.

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Zayra Yves   An artist of transcendent talents with a voice, words, and heart worth heeding.
jayo   Some unique approaches to concepts tried by tradition but shaped by individual artistry. Aberjhani
Crystal Night   Tremendous artistic vision: a neon bridge between the golden tones of yesteryear and the platinum harmonies of today and tomorrow. Midnight Skylark Aberjhani
Alan and Lita Blake   Artistic excellence grounded in tradition and empowered by innovation and style. --Midnight Skylark Aberjhani
Harmonie   Hope and devotion beyond boundaries of language or geography. --Midnight Skylark Aberjhani
Renee Sebastian   Classic vibes set a new-world groove. --Midnight Skylark Aberjhani
Latafat Ali Khan   Note by note, cell by cell, from one generation to the next, apparently genius begets genius. --Midnight Skylark Aberjhani
The Poems   Literary sensitivity plus serious musical intent equals exciting creative artistry. --Midnight Skylark Aberjhani
Midnight Skylark   Here we find imagination-powered flights of the musical soul zooming through spheres of melodious heartbeats and harmonious philosophies of the world village. --Midnight Skylark Aberjhani
Aberjhani   The Goddess and the Skylark, Dancing Through the Word Labyrinth, presented by Mark "Rahkyt" Rockeymoore and featuring performances by Nordette Adams and Aberjhani.
Bobby Parker   As true an American classic as we're likely to find or hear anywhere. --Midnight Skylark Aberjhani
ZOUL ROCK SINGAPURA   Rhythms for taking huge leaps into thrilling musical experience. --Midnight Skylark Aberjhani
Norah Jones   Consider possible manifestations of the term mellow fusion and it comes close to matching the wonder present here.
Lane   Who can argue against preserving the majesty of nature that has blessed humanity for eons? --Midnight Skylark Aberjhani
Monday Michiru   Smooth blend of cross-cultural beats flavored with individual creative style. --Midnight Skylark Aberjhani
Deborah Bryant   A true artist at work producing quality songscapes for the heart and soul. --Midnight Skylark Aberjhani
Maria Daines   An exceptional artist presenting exceptional work--what's there not to love? --Midnight Skylark Aberjhani
dean.d   Sounds to think, groove, chill, create, and spread wings to.-- Midnight Skylark Aberjhani
Acoustic Son   Acoustic cool.

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Support independent publishing: buy this multimedia on Lulu. There has to be something exceptionally accomplished and appealing about a CD––in this case “The Goddess and the Skylark, Dancing through the Word Labyrinth”––that draws high-powered kudos from the spoken word community and serious novelists alike. The CD features the talents of producer Mark “Rahkyt” Rockeymoore, performance poet Nordette Adams, and Savannah’s poet/spoken word artist of the year, Aberjhani. Renazance Radio described the CD in an uninhibited shout out as “pure uncut crack! BIGGUPS!!!” Novelist Jerry Pat Bolton noted, “Each piece is presented in its absolute POWER by these two renaissance voices, the crème de la crème of America's serious poets. I sat, spellbound as I listened to the marvelous blend of drums and reeds and the melodious voices recite some of the very best poems I have had the pleasure to hear and read.” And novelist Sage Sweetwater observed the following: “The Goddess and The Skylark are the voices of our millennium, optimistic about the next thousand years and will have a tremendous impact on emotions emphasized through spoken word poetry, a poetic maze of integrity that draws from human spirit and surfaces in the midst of diversity.” Why such extraordinary superlatives? Call it the unexpected gold of a beautiful alchemy that not even the artists involved saw coming.


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Through time, space, and soulful spirit, diverse harmonies of the global village come together in shared passions for musical, poetic, and world cultural excellence. (Midnight Skylark art by Denise Elliott-Vernon)
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sunday in the park
Nicely overlapping surges of inspired vocals and lush layers of fused musical stylings. The title may be "Sunday in the Park" but this is good for a listen any day and any place. --Midnight Skylark Aberjhani added to station 5/14/2007 1:54:33 AM
Dance 3184
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Love Me Like a River Does- (From Worrisome Heart)
An irresistible invitation to heartbreaking beauty and lyrical melancholy. Gorgeous. --Midnight Skylark Aberjhani added to station 11/23/2006 3:47:53 AM
Blues 3184
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tear hate down ft/astrid young
A song with the power of conviction and conscience. Awesome stuff. --Midnight Skylark Aberjhani added to station 11/22/2006 2:01:53 AM
Folk/Acoustic Rock/Americana 3184
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Summer and the Sinners
Two of the better remedies for the worse cases of the blues. --Midnight Skylark Aberjhani added to station 11/21/2006 3:47:48 AM
Blues 3184
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Mardi Gras
Enthralling evocation of the spirit that moves the celebration. Midnight Skylark Aberjhani added to station 11/19/2006 10:01:11 PM
Latin Jazz 3184
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Love Goes Marching On ( MLK )
Moving homage to a spiritual presence, dream, and mission that cannot be dismissed or forgotten. --Midnight Skylark Aberjhani added to station 11/19/2006 10:44:09 PM
Easy Listening/Soft Rock 3184
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Angel Kiss
Blessed in concept and execution. --Midnight Skylark Aberjhani added to station 11/23/2006 9:13:15 PM
Electronic 3184
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Di Celah Gigi -as revealing as your teeth or tits?
Threads of hip brilliance and unchained positive attitude make for dynamic music. --Aberjhani added to station 11/21/2006 10:46:39 PM
Rock 3184
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Latafat Ali Khan
Admi Admi Ko Kya
A classic style renovated by a modern artist's clear intention to both preserve and evolve a priceless cultural heritage. --Midnight Skylark Aberjhani added to station 11/19/2006 11:04:41 PM
Ghazal 3184
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Powerful addition to a genre growing with more and more talent every day. --Midnight Skylark Aberjhani added to station 11/21/2006 11:36:51 PM
Soul 3184
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Susan Raven
Glittering Cities
A seriously compelling aural vision and experience. Truly outstanding. added to station 11/19/2006 1:33:59 AM
Cosmic World Fusion 3184
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Brothers Keeper
Holy Ghost Hop
An innovative and worthwhile musical spiritual proposition. Aberjhani added to station 11/19/2006 1:41:55 AM
Hip Hop/Rap 3184
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