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Kerry Merkle-Lyrics

A mans last words when he has had enough
As I sit and put this pen to paper
All I can wonder, is did you ever notice?
All those times I felt I couldn't take it
And it was often
And all those times I felt I could embrace it
Those not so often
And so I say
This is my last goodbye
All those memories and everything down inside

I guess I could of taken out the time to tell you
That this is not a world for me
There' just all this hate and expectation
Can't just live for what I believe in

And so I say
This is my last goodbye
All those and everything down inside
This ink flows down to this testament
Can't take this hate inside it's something that I never meant

Song Comments

Bang youR Head
fifty four has other songs that are much fuller of atitude .. but this one is a good one too ! :)

Greatest Clicks
The end is very near

DaNolman's Favs
I'm nominating this for best male vocal.

Killer Tunes
BLOODY GREAT! If you like Janes Addiction, you'll love this!

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reached no#1 on KIAC big 50

Kayak Number One Songs!
week 5

personal favorites
amazing angst-filled tune, I have lived this.

the greatest indies I've ever heard
Is this our last goodbye?

...fantastic work! ...great lyrics ...with heartfelt expression! -M-

Apocalypse Radio
Good work... both in intent and in execution... Welcome to The Apocalypse, 54! -M-

A+ for Originality!
I never heard anything before or since coming onto this site that sounds like this song. It also packs a lot of emotion.

Super Songs
This is a super indie rock song. I like songs that make me feel things. The singer has a lot of angst. This song makes me think about when I had to leave Krypton, it makes me sad but it rocks me sad.

Cheryl Blossom
saying goodbye to Jason.

Wish there was something real
or at the end.

1-1-2019 My Favorite Ever Songs on IMP
the first time I ever had a glimpse of the unlimited potential of indie music.

Rich happening glamorous soundscaping, sonically amazing.tripping vox and Bgs big percussion, tasty instrumentation

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