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Monday, March 22, 2021 8:55:32 PM
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Tuesday, January 9, 2024 3:35:45 AM
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My second attempt at "song writing"... Here I tried to incorporate "everything" that I'd gleaned from reading the Bible... making analogies with every numeric, phonetic, and insinuated connotation possible... including them all within this one song... a magnum opus so to speak. -M-

Xantham Gum: Guitars, bass, vocals
Kenny Maye: Drums
Mortamor: Words and Music.

Not an Improv! Biblically inspired and tempered with a little bit of my own metaphilosophy, this song runs the gamut from the Old Testament's book of Genesis to the New Testament's Gospel of St. John(while tripping over some Esoterica thrown in by me!) -M-
From the Kingdom of Set
Comes a billowing flame
From lowest hell a burning
From center wheel a turning
The bush all covered in flame,
Luciferian glow
Gave Moses his revelation
And Adam's Eve temptation
Living and dying
Eternally they're crying
Grinding and winding
And forever climbing
Angel's on Jacob's ladder
Serpent's on the tree

In darkness people had lived
til they saw a great light
With heads bowed and kneeling
The wretched pray for healing
A salamander comes
Up through the underground
The snake has been uncoiling
In deepest waters boiling
Searching and finding,
Brightness can be blinding
Twirling and whirling
The ocean is unfurling
Rising waters now receding
Set the white dove free.

Alpha and Omega,
The first to the last
Murderer and healer
Enlightening revealer
From the cleft of a rock
Comes a still small voice
Out of blackness it reaches
Your very soul and teaches
Baptized by drowning
The head it is crowning
Knowing and showing
And forever glowing
Windows of heaven opened
God has come to me! x
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Introspective Expressionism
Metaphilosophicles and friends

Probably my fourth, on purpose, attempt at songwriting, and this time I even "wrote" the music(vocalizing sounds to William who would then play and sing everything). We had no electric guitar or keyboard. When I later bought a Boss drum machine, Kenny Maye, performed the drum track, which he never finished. Luckily it was half way through and I was able to repeat the whole thing to complete the song. I'm sure Kenny would have made it more enjoyable if he'd finished it himself though. He's truly an excellent drummer.

Apocalypse Radio
Your sponsor... at the Apocalypse! -M-

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