Fozzie and JackOver the Edge
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The Real Top 20 Male Artists at the IAC
it's one guy, I sent him a fan letter once.

Another cool track by Fozzie and Jack... on WTOZ

indie likenesses
the Jeff Beck of indie

Great solos
This song beginning to end is one of the greatest solo performances in the history of the world. If you could lay out all the soulfulness in this song from end-to-end, it would be enough to transform the entire artist roster at IMP. I decided to listen again right now, and the song made me want to cry and I am not a crier.


the greatest indies I've ever heard
if this doesn't move you, you're dead to the world.

Nocturnal Hits
this fits my midnight mood just perfectly. Melancholic, but not monotonous, interesting 'til the very end.

Nocturnal Hits
this matches my midnight mood just perfectly. Melancholic, but not monotonous, keeps me interested 'til the very end.

Super Songs
I like to listen to this song when I fly at night, it makes me feel so peaceful. On another subject, do you know where I can get a good ice cream cone? Is there a Carvel nearby?

Wish there was something real
inside my brain.

1-1-2019 My Favorite Ever Songs on IMP
the most soulful thing I've ever heard in my life.

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