TonyTedescoShoes (Featuring LXNNIE and Audrey Kate Geiger)
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Monday, March 22, 2021 8:55:32 PM
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Monday, March 22, 2021 8:55:32 PM
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Walk a mile in someone else's shoes, then tell me how you'd have yourself treated

Words and music by Tony Tedesco
Vocals: LXNNNIE, Audrey Kate Geiger Tony Tedesco
Violin: Sean David Cunningham
Keys: Kurt Thum
Sax, Toy Piano: Matthew Lott
Upright, Contra Alto Clarinet: Mike Noordzy
Mandolin: Gorgo Beach
Trombone: Benjamin Clapp
Drums: Michael Scotto
Guitar: Tony Tedesco

2 tours of fallujah hardened my like seaglass in the sand
by the end of the third the only friend i trusted was the trigger itchin for my right hand
ridin taill gun on them airport runs back and forth down hwy 5
didnt take too long till we started takintg bets over under counts on limbs and lives
live down on your knees you can pray all day odds never change on the house's side
god dont care, hes in the cashiers chair polishing the window up until it shines
He wants to make sure he can read your eyes at checkout time when you define the difference between wrong and right

are you a winner tonight

she sleeps all day walks all night doing what she got to keep on the lights
she got 3 young boys soon to be men its too late for her to start again
shes out in the street doing all the things she swore she would never do
around her neck hangs a little bit of faith the St Nickulas is still coming through
when shes down on her knees she dont bother to pray she knows the game dont ever change
see, god dont care he got the slicked back hair' the fancy walking cane and the cool street name
platform heels, he knows the deal hes gonna keep it real up in the feel when you reveal all you have concealed

are you a winner tonight

you can search for your salvation in a shooting star
yeah, dig a hole to china man, they tell me it's not that far
go looking for the truth in the confession booth
but in the end theres only one place you're going to find it my friend

are you lookin tongiht?

come every sunday morning he religiously slips on his robes
smiles to him self he can smell them comin wads of cash in their fresh pressed clothes
he loves the way the pulpit matches his chestnut hair
and how they cower down upon their knees as his words of fear fill the air
still he prays away most of his days doesnt realize that its a mistake
cause god dont care hes been everywhere there aint nothing he cant see through
but that ole boy he aint that unfair he knows hes never laced your shoes
when it comes time to open the gate theres only one thing gonna get you through
Have u done to others as youd have them done to you

Song Comments

"stretching the limits!"

music is truth II
Some wonderful work and production by all involved in this vibe.Rich vocal quality in his voice as he lays it all on the line, its the truth,. stellar lyrical content that draws you into the story line as Tony weaves and works his groove. having such an array of dedicated musicians support him and lay down this track is pretty cool. nice work. dig those keys brother....cheers and best wishes in 2013

Over The Moon Two
Gritty and exhilarating track! Quite brilliant.

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