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Piano-driven English dancehall-style number about the overwhelming feelings associated with being a dad. Features trumpet from Ivo Braun of the Maxwell Street Klezmer Band and backing "ooh's" and "aah's" from Pamela Richardson of The Pralines.

Written by: Todd Leiter-Weintraub

Guitars/vocals: Todd
Bass guitar: Tim Ferguson
Piano: Matt Walters
Drums: David Kling
Trumpet: Ivo Braun
Backing vocals: Pamela Richardson
Clapping: everyone

Song Comments

Sunshine Smile..
Jaunty sunshine smiling 60s pop song with delightful barrelhousing piano and trumpet..Great fun vibe..

Lucys Station
This is so much fun.It makes me want to eat ice cream and swim in the sea.

Tympanali 1
jaunty pop treat from the hopster

pineapple gearshift
john lennon tune ...sung by jellyfish with billy joel on keys.........well that's what is sounds like to me.......

Thanks for asking me to come in and have a listen - I would've not wanted to miss this one! Folks, here's a real bouncy boppin' happy hoppin' dancin' tune that'll keep your feet non-stop tappin'. Gentlemen, grab your partners and start your pianos and get ready to go the distance all around the dancehall floor! There's a set of awesome ivories at work here - and lead vocals that are oh so cool and sweet ridin' a wave on top of some amazing oohs and ahhs harmonies. There's even room for a great little trumpet solo here - this song's got everthing but the ... well, you know what .., si, el entero enchilada amigos!! Did I mention yet that I really love "Cary's Here" ??? Great song, and oh so very well done. Congratulations Hop on Pop. Move over folks, here's another Legendary song!

Mighty Jerkules Approved
Upbeat piano pop. In my opinion one of the straight up catchiest songs on this site.

Hey, Diddle-Diddle
A fun, upbeat song of love

Lost Beatles Tracks?
For a fun time, stop in at Hop on Pop.

Radio Mperia
Is he? And aren't we glad eh? Chuck another Renoir on the fire old chap it's getting cold in here!

Singer Songwriter Storyteller
A bright and breezy light pop, reflecting the simple joys of parenthood.

The Book Club
'Hey, Boo!' - To Kill a Mockingbird

The Good Stuff, Too!!!
We thought of this as our single. Still do.

The Good Stuff Country-Ed Bentley
Nice Flow...

Surf's Up
For the love for music listen

OatP and Friends and REVIEWS!!
Super fun over-the-top- tap-your-feet- can't-help-but-smile pop. Can't get enough of the piano fill, works well as both a hook and a background color. Love the lyrics, sweet, honest and marvelous. Also nice to have a song about this kind of love, gives it it's own sense of self. This is another one of those straight from the heart tunes that just grabs you and won't let go. Love the horn at 1:40 nice fun and brief and back into this high energy but low volume piece. The clapping, the smooth vocal work and the moving bass line all work together to force anyone with a heart to smile at this.

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Retro Robert's Radio Reviews
"Cary's Here" would not be out of place on a 'Sesame Street' episode, or as a live band performance on SNL. This song has everything: hand claps, ooo's, ahhh's, a brief (too short) horn solo, and a super catchy chorus! That said - the song is a personal recollection of father/child communication. It's heartwarming message wrapped in sugary pianos, guitars and honest vocals.

Vegetation Station
This shoulda been the single from ADBEA2. On the cusp of my first born, this song takes on extra special meaning.

The Originals
One of the originals here,and with this song from 2004 Cary's here, its a upbeat fine song, Todd has been around for some time as you can see, a song about being a Dad, genuine and thoughtful, very beatlesque and umping happy, Todd is a solid supporter and brings good energy to IMP and old established iacmusic dude from way back welcome to "The Originals" Todd bt

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