Melissa ForbesBlackheart Blues
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Music & Lyrics: Melissa Forbes

I'm feeling so bad
And Lord it feels so good
Just wallowin' low
Down the dark alleys of my neighbourhood
Don't tell me to perk
Don't tell me to spark
I'm loving every minute of this dark heart
Ooh baby
I got them black heart blues

You say I'll emerge
My demons all purged
You say I can change
All I need is the urge
You want me to smile
I've got bile in my throat
Right now I'm hell and I'm takin' off my coat
Ooh baby
I got them black heart blues

It's morning once more
And guess what? I've had a change of heart
It's no longer blue
But pumping red and ready to fire
Fog is lifting
Sands are shifting
Peace is flowing over me
Oooh baby
Think I'm shaking those black heart blues

© Kitten Kong Records 2005

Song Comments

Gotcha by the BLUES
I woke up cranky and she melted me in seconds...Oh my....VERY VERY Smooth and sweet...a total morning sex song!

Fried Won Ton Radio
I'm feeling so bad.. but it feels so good! Love it!

Signature Soul
She's one of my favorites...what can I say

Paige's Place #1
Its Date night, you and your man want to go out and hear something serene and mood setting. You walk into this smoky bar, get a couple drinks and settle into a dark corner. This vision walks onto the stage and just starts belting out this unbelievably soulful song. She draws you into her web, and carries you through the bismal decent of darkness, then then pulls you out into the sun with her absolutely beautiful and smooth prowess.

Sancocho Music
She´s absolutely brilliant

IAIA Song of the Year Nominations

We want Hen Fap!!
You GO Girl! This song is beyong cool! Baby, you ARE Hen fap!

Hattie's Blues Basement
So good you can hardly stand it . . .

You stole my blackheart with your sweet blues

What can i say?... JUST COOL! EXTREMELY COOL!!

oh hell this lady can break the moon,s balls with that voice

Internal Affairs
Melissa shows us what a Blue, "Blackheart" really looks like in this jazzy blues number ...

groove jazz
Groove voice very nice

blue moon lite radio
Straight from the heart, with a ton of soul

Lady Sings The Blues on IAC
Ace blues

Mystic Blues Radio
Melissa lays down a big voiced and fine groove in this tune. singing it from the soul, heart and with fine support on guitar. who is that? like to know. great chops

Blues at it's best.

Toms Blooze
She's got it all.


Red Dragon Blues
Cool - nice arrangement with pure vocals

Red Dragon Blues
singing like it should! Mighty easy to drink up what Melissa is serv'n...oh yeah!

Says Who!!!!
Don't Know what's going on down under but this woman can sing her little buns off & her band is simply made of top drawer players.

Compassion For ALL Creatures
Melissa, Surely Belts out the Blues Here:)

BSL IS EVIL - Lennox & Spencer ~ STOP IT
Melissa, Surely Belts out the Blues Here:)

Melissa, Surely Belts out the Blues Here:)

Our Beloved Boo ~ R.I.P.
Melissa, Surely Belts out the Blues Here:)

Melissa, Surely Belts out the Blues Here:)

Melissa, Surely Belts out the Blues Here:)

The Blues Is A Feeling!
Melissa, Surely Belts out the Blues Here:)

Blues Music is Truth
Tasty blues vibe with just right there instrumentation that draws you in. And that vocal, oh yes, blues head to toe

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