Sly WittJust A Little While
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Monday, March 22, 2021 8:55:32 PM
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Monday, March 22, 2021 8:55:32 PM
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We'll all get sane and play the game in just a little while

Sly Witt - Instruments/Vocals
Rick Dailey - Bass
Greg George - Drums
Mark Blazek - Backing Vocals

We took a little trip down into Mexico
We don't go high because that's no way to go
Don't make me wait to go
Busting away, oh yeh

We just want to play our own way
For just a little while
We'll all get sane and play the game
In just little while
It make me so blue
there's such a little time
to make it all
life is hard to find in these times
automation is in the mind

Most of the things that you think that are true
Won't help a damn when the man come for you
Oh no

We just wanna play out own way
for just a little while
We'll all get sane and play the game
In just a little while
It might be so new
That in a little while our dreams will come true

If we must be here
Won't you come join me dear

Won't you come and play with us
for just a little while
We'll all get sane and play the game
in just a little while
It migtht be so new
that in a little while
your dreams might come true.

copyright 1978,1985,2009

Song Comments

Road Movie..
Really free-spirited 70s singer-songwriter type of song-with great chord changes,a lovely joyful vibe-Fabulous voice too.....So much natural space and sense of freedom here..Its a little road movie of its own and would be perfect with one of those sunkissed road-trip videos to go along with it..Really cool :)

Just A Little While by SLY WITT is such a wonderful track..Its like its managed to condense n bottle the spirit of 1976 FM pop/rock radio into a glorious monster hit that never was..Made by one of those soul influenced singer/songwriters who worshipped The Beatles and had access to ridiculously expensive studios n great session players the airwaves would reverberate with then.. You'd hear them ringing out in lush widescreen stereo whilst driving your open-top thru the Hollywood hills in summer.. Simultaneously nostalgic n timeless, there's a real emotional resonance and sense of the glory of great pop in the soulful,heartfelt vocal lines, wonderful hope-filled chorus and songcrafting of the highest order here.. I love how he's managed to make the whole thing sound so epic on a budget..The sweep of those strings and brass i'm sure are synthetic,but the songs so frikkin' cool he makes you BELIEVE they're real lol.. I posted an enthusiastic fan review of another of Sly's excellent songs here a few years back - and someone commented that they really disliked his vocal -but i think his performance here is totally natural and convincing-supporting the tune perfectly whilst emotionally drawing you in.. Magical song..

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