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Monday, March 22, 2021 8:55:32 PM
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Monday, March 22, 2021 8:55:32 PM
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Another Fine Mess
Words and Music Gets The Blues
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Missin You is about a guy who cheated on his girl, she leaves him, he goes out on a bender for the weekend and wants her back. Classic Blues fodder no?

Paul M. Zarvis ~ Music/Lyrics/Arrangement/ Keyboards/ Horns/Drums

John T Zarvis ~ Bridge Lyrics / Horn Arrangements / Guitar / Bass / Strings

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1st Verse:

I'm Missin You, Things just aint the same. Since you walked out on me baby. I only got myself to blame. So I whipped out my revolver. Started shootin' at the moon. Then I bought a bottle of Whiskey, and a Hotel room.

2nd Verse:

I'm Missin You, didn't mean to do what I done. Had an itchy trigger baby. I Just wanted to have some fun. But I swear it wasn't nothin,' I won't see that girl no more, Every time I turn my back bay, I see you walking out the door.

They say that the heart's a lonley hunter. Stuck in love in the arms of another. No matter how hard I try, To brreak this feeling inside. This pain is a chain on my heart, baby please let's get us a brand new start.

(Guitar Solo)

3rd Verse:

I hear Church Bells ringing. Must be Sunday morning now. There's still no sign of you baby. Without you I don't know how...I'm gonna go on with my living, I can't find a way to smile. May's well hop up on a freight train and be a loser for a while. Cause I can't go on much longer, cause my heart is turnin' blue. And it hurts so bad now baby....Cause I'm Missin You. x
Song Comments

Another Fine Mess
Superb ripping start. great horn shots and bright guitar lead have we not heard this female voice before , somewhere , is this the girl from "1969"? : )

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