John MylesGrapes of Wrath
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New Depression Era Blues

Steinbeck's book, the movie with Henry Fonda, and current times
inspired this song and video
Song Comments

highway 66 WITH PIP & merry
great song

Restless Hearts
welcome back...

Bare Thread Does The Blues
Grapes are oh so Blue !

Folk Miner .... the MotherLode
We're all goin down for a tour of the folk mine these days- Lets hope we find the motherlode!

Bob Dylan Tribute
shades of Woody Guthrie!-Bobs hero!

American Son Radio
Some look to our wars for heroes, some look to politicians and crusaders...but when the hammer falls everyone is tested, every man, woman and child.

Texas Willies Favorites On IAC
Stomp those Grapes John.....Great Stuff!

Words and Music 2
Great song and performnace. Steinbeck would be proud!!!!

Right from the get-go John, with the way you were strummin' that guitar of yours and singing, it was hard not to picture Johnny Cash here. This is one fine song my friend and a great tribute to the Legend himself. Your talent as a gifted songwriter and acoustic performer shines brightly here reflecting your success and many awards as well as the respect of your peers. Well-done troubadour!!

Apocalypse Radio
Welcome To The Apocalypse, John! -M-

Finnegans Wake Book 1 Chapter 3
That more than considerably unpleasant bullocky before he rang off drunkishly pegged a few glatt stones, all of a size, by way of final mocks for his grapes, at the wicket in support of his words that he was not guilphy but, after he had so slaunga vollayed, reconnoi- tring through his semisubconscious the seriousness of what he might have done had he really polished off his terrible intentions finally caused him to change the bawling and leave downg the whole grumus of brookpebbles pangpung and, having sobered up a bit, paces his groundould diablen lionndub, the flay the flegm, the floedy fleshener, (purse, purse, pursyfurse, I'll splish the splume of them all!) this backblocks boor bruskly put out his langwedge and quite quit the paleologic scene, telling how by his selfdenying ordnance he had left Hyland on the dissenting table, after exhorting Earwicker or, in slightly modified phrase- ology, Messrs or Missrs Earwicker, Seir, his feminisible name of multitude, to cocoa come outside to Mockerloo out of that for the honour of Crumlin, with his broody

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