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Monday, March 22, 2021 8:55:32 PM
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Monday, March 22, 2021 8:55:32 PM
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#9 on "Morpho Nestira"

Franco Bussoli - bass.
Paolo De Santis - vocals.
Luca Di Pardo - drums.
Claudio Lapenna - vocals, piano, keyboards.
Dario Lastella - guitars and backing vocals.

I’m lonely in my room with all the things I have,
I’ve got so many books, I’ve got my big TV there.
I’ve got all my guitars I needed and I bought,
But I can write no more songs, my soul got too cold.
And in my breast I still feel my old heart,
Sometimes it hurts and my breath gets short.
And far away through my window I can see the shining stars,
Would like to be with them, but now I’m too far.

And I find myself among a thousand eyes,
In this stupid race I’m running against the time.
Can anybody please tell me what’s the need
Of everything I have if I’ve lost my dreams.
I’ve just lost my dreams.

Don’t know much about music I know barely few chords,
And I’m not a poet, it could have been a better song.
I’m not a movie star, I’ve got green eyes,
I’ve gained too much weight, I feel the cold shiver of the night.
I’ve got a soul sadder than me, would like to know how I should be.
And I have no more time, I spent it all to get more.
Now I’ve got everything, but I’m nothing and I’m alone.

Now I’m naked with all my things just there,
Now I’m naked I’m just these things I have.
But now I know that’s not enough,
I won’t be enough, you’ll want more
You’ll want more.

I want back the need of learning something.
I want back the taste of a sunny morning.
I want back the need to start singing.
I want back a moment to stop thinking.
I want back the need to be brave.
I want back all the time that I gave.
I want back my dreams, my doubts, my fire.
I want back my soul, my time, my life.

Now I’m in front of you,
I’ve got no masks...
I’m naked. x
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