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Monday, March 22, 2021 8:55:32 PM
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Monday, March 22, 2021 8:55:32 PM
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a spooky, "yea, though I walk through the valley" spiritual

written on the eve of Waylon Jennings' passing

See the shadows on the ground
And your angel can’t be found
There’s a man in black
He’s callin’ time
But it’s so hard to walk the line

Cold north wind begins to blow
Watch the seasons come and go
As the days turn into years
I wonder where to go from here

Oh, big river, deep and wide
I keep lookin’ to the other side
So far to go, runnin’ out of time
And it’s so hard to walk the line

I’ve loved and lost, crashed and burned
Guys like me, we never learn
I turn my collar up to the night
Stumble through the wrong and the right

Ain’t easy movin’ on
And the road is way too long
Your gonna do just what you will
You don’t get nothin’ standing still


Copyright 2003, G.B.Corkhill, C.Thompson, M. Palazzolo / LOCODARE Music
Song Comments

The shadow of The Man In Black walks tall from line to line through this great tune picking up titles of some of his songs along the way and layin' them into the groove. The by-line on the Jammers song page reads: "written on the eve of Waylon Jennings' passing". As a songwriter I know only so well the sudden and unexpected out-of-the-blue impulses that can swing into motion resulting in a song that begins with one face and turns into another by the time it comes out at the end of the line. The Jammers admiration and respect for Johnny flows like big river all through this great song. The VJ's do an awesome job themselves in forming an eclectic New England working-journeymen version of the Highwaymen. "To Walk The Line" is soulfully haunting - hushed vocals, smooth bluegrass pickin' and strummin' - sunset pretty from beginning to end.

The Good Stuff Trois!!!
No cowboy hats. No attitude. Just a great tune, a great vocal and some well-played acoustic instruments. Straight-up country music with no affectations.

The Peaceful Revolution
What a beautiful reminder to all involved in The Peaceful Revolution of what must be done. . . Walking that line! Thanks and welcome!

John Myles COUNTRY
I love listenin to the Village Jammers walkin the line

again !

Comprised of old friends who happen to all be seasoned musicians thanks to a deep-rooted love of honest music, the Village Jammers have been gathering to play their unique blend of "bluegrass/country/jazz/rock/blues/folk/rockabilly (insert any style of music here)" for more than thirty years. Part bluegrass band, part comedy troupe, part working-class Joes…together, a century of collective experience on stringed instruments, witty stage sarcasm and good ol’ boy beer connoisuership.The Jammers were born from an open invite of friends gathering to play any style of music they knew, and the result was a long-term friendship and a lot of terrific music. They began as the house band at the now defunct Village Pub in Stonington Borough, Connecticut, and while packing the house, they began the generous practice of inviting fellow musicians...some good, some dying share their stage. The band was infectious with its own brand of ridiculous humor, costumes, and special guests.It's been said that a Village Jammers practice session is much more than just chords and tunings; you get a healthy dose of political debate, blue-collar beer bottles, beef jerky, ball-busting, and oh yeah, some pretty good music too. The band's knack for encouraging their growing circle of musician friends to join them for jam sessions and gigs; talented musicians like Jay Dempsey, Jim Carpenter, Tommy Giarratano, Vince Thompson, Bill Light, and Steve Jakubielski, makes the Village Jammers as much a family as they are a band. Founding member and harmonica extraordinaire Rene Brisson, who sadly passed away in 2000, still retains an honorary seat in the jam circle each session.

Get Down Music Nashville
Good stuff!

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