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Monday, March 22, 2021 8:55:32 PM
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Monday, March 22, 2021 8:55:32 PM
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Rough mix from the new album

Well now Johnny and me we had a good thing going
We were tighter than a fighter on a Saturday night
We were the talk of the town - we were the coolest kids around
We were the toast - we were the most we were the Dolby Surround.
Everybody said that we were as cool as those two cats can be
And every girl and guy would give their right arm and eye to be
As hip as we at the top of that old cherry tree
We were so wired up they could have used us as a battery
They said Lord above they have redefined love
They're a sight to see how they do it is a mystery.

So wired up
So wired up
So wired up
So wired up
We were wired up tighter than it's reasonable to be
We could have lit Las Vegas on our electricity.

Now Freddie was a rich man - a leave-you-in-the-ditch man
He was stone-cold and we were told he was cast inside the devil's mould
He'd strut his stuff up and down old Soho Square
Drilling his dirty eyes into the girls who hung around down there.
And if he liked the look of you then Freddie was the man for you
But God help they who bit on Freddie's bait that day
'cos they were soon wired up
Yes they were soon wired up
They had the wire in the blood and they could not unplug
That essential chemistry that Freddie used as lock and key
And when night time came Freddie let them off the chain
But they were still wired up.

But then one day Freddie took a shine to me
And decided I would be. a nice addition to his family
I should have seen him coming but took my good eye off the ball
I felt the wire unwind and felt my back against the wall

When Johnnie got the lowdown he was Jonesin' for a showdown
Said he give old Fred a lesson he would not forget in a month of Sundays
When John climbed inside his big coupe
Then Freddie's luck ran out that day when Johnnie's wheels had done their work
And Freddie hit the London dirt
And when they peeled him off the street
I swear I'd seen more healthy mincemeat
Now what is left of Freddie's bones
Is wired together like a xylophone
(Except in don't play so good)

Now he's all wired up.
He's all wired up
He's all wired up
He's all wired up
He's all wired up.
He's wired up tighter than the lights on a Christmas tree
'cos nobody takes liberties with Johnnie and me.

All wired up etc.

Song Comments

Bare Thread Does The Blues
ALLLLLLLLLLL Wired Up !!!!!!!!! yeah ....

All Flavor
Wired Up !!!!!!!!!

Says Who!!!!
Damn You are a stone cold top shelf lyricist and your voice is soulful as hell. Great Blues

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