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It's about friends you meet along the way in this crazy-assed life of ours. Has a great Countri-fied Chorus, Don't you ThinK?

Music, Lyrix Copyright 2005 Jeff Rosen, pHLEGM & Artfest Music

VOCALS = Phlegm
Backup VOCALS & GUITAR = Jeff Rosen
EXTRA GUITAR = Johnny Stankfoot
BASS = Bottoms
DRUMS = Mark, the anonymous Studio Drummer

Recorded on a budget at The University of Arizona Music School
Studio by an up and coming recording engineer who wishes to remain anonymous.
Cleaned up & Re-mastered by Bradley Torrison of DARKSIDE RECORDINGS.

"oh how i hoped you could help me to see it's dark and I can't see the day"
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Song Comments

Bare Thread V
Tracy would have even listened to a country tune ... if I told him to ... :) ... I think he'd of liked this one too !

IAC Folk Scene Presented by JP Sharpe
Love this song! Phlegm and band have a wide range and they really deliver on this one. Johnny Cash would have sang this one folks.

Soul Over Sheen
Gotta be careful 'bout the Friends you choose, as Phlegm makes clear in this SOULFULLY honest pseudo-country-grunge tune. I'll be candid (as always, lol) and say that I have a tough time knowing what to make of a significant portion of Phlegm's musical catalog due to its...well...vulgarity...yet perhaps we have here another "poster boy" for SOUL OVER man's take on confronting reality and baring his soul in a sincere and talented artistic fashion, using any and all tools available to capture the moment...rock on, Phlegm!

kinda counntry, and like donnie sez... just a little bit rock-and-roll...

JP Sharpe Presents IAC Super Songwriters
Phlegm of Conversation Suicide has a wide range of tunes posted here at IAC. He really delivers in writing songs that are lyrically meaningful and pleasing to the ear. One of the best artists on IAC and a big reason why IAC crushes the mainstream!!

Soul Retrieval
I had a listen to all of your songs. I have to say, I really like the softer side of you. Didn't know you had one. You can sing your big heart out! Great stuff!

real stuff, w a country vibe lol...

Phlegm Phavourite Country Rhythm n BLues
Alterna-Country at it's finest! It's on PHLEGM PHAVORITES !

Highly recommended!
That's my understanding of Alt Country! BRAVO! I really enjoyed the freshness...

Get a look at this folks - the hard rock, punk, funk, pop and metal kings are here on Legendary Country Music. Who'd've ever guessed!! Awesome intro, great guitars, great musicians, vocals that would make Tom Petty blink twice, bang on lyrics, cool harmonies, and yep - "countri-fried chorus", and smokin' "countri-fried" guitar solo too. YEEHAW!!! I love it!!!

this is not bob dylan or is it
i think it has.

Only the best music here
Great great song. Superb driving track. The whole sound this to song is ingenuis. It reminds me a little of 'The Band'. The lyrics are amazing. I can't suggest a listen to this song enough. Listen, now! now! now!

Phlegm's Phone-in Request Line
Oh, I almost FORGOT! When we first started the Request Line Station, Aimee Terrin left a voicemail that this was one of her pHaVoURiTe tunes.....I'll take that as a REQUEST, for Conversation Suicide's cUnTri-FiEd aLtERnA-rOCk.

Phlegm Phavorites

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