Coney Island SteeplechaseThe Strain
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Sancocho Music
It starts in a peaceful way but end up like dynamite. The Strain shows Steeplechase potential as a rock band.

The Noise Collector
Rock students take note: this is a totally well put together rock song, that has something to do with brain strain, no less.

The Talent Searcher
I think this is the best song of Steeplechase . It´s a powerful rock song with a lot of drive. Sure there it´s talent .

Spirit Songs
Awesome guitar solo.

Moody, Cool, Psychotic, and Mesmerizing
Very Roger Waters sounding on the vocals with a little attitude on the guitar. Cool stuff and full of power! -M-

Time to clear the cobwebs but I'm tied down on the table. Time to break the chains, if only I were able. Time to use my brain, at least the new one I've been given. Time to hook the DC up, get "my" body back to livin'. Skeletons in the closet. Monsters in the halls. This monster's on the table but this monster's got new balls to take, on the strains, of every day life. Oh, the strains, oh the pains, of every day life. Every day life. Every day, after life...

KWLF (Werewolve Radio)
a very alice cooper like quality here.

Tommys Radio.
this is a cool song. like the lyrics

Had Third Prize and Best of Indie

The Rock
I would deffinitely like to see these guys perform this tune on an open stage somewhere at a big festival like glastonbury. Love the guitars, slammin'. This song has everything.

All right! honest sound always will be honey for my ears!

Honest & Frank - 3 a Day
Joe Wood asked for it comes: Great Riff, the keyboards and guitar fit very well together. Very nice elecric atmosphere. Easy on the vocal reverb, but perhaps that's your style, could be cool, either way, I'm partial too it. No lyrics were posted so you got off easy on that one Joe :) Nice job. Give the fender man a raise before he leaves the band!

just fontain
nice piano, like it alot great song

Maria Daines Bandwagon with seats
Truth in motion...

Keeping The Green Alive !!

The Stage
This song to me gives me a little of that Alice Cooper style back in the 70s.Cool song Steeplechase

eYe 2
eYelicious, dig the cool riffage at intro. and it is held all together with the recurring groove. and who can resist that piano work, edgy guitar ripping your ears off, its a raunchy 70's retrodelicious , something about live, I think this is live off the floor. nonetheless. dirty sound that works for me. little like Triumph. RAWK

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