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Engineered by Howard Billerman, Richard Reed Parry, the Arcade Fire and Mark Lawson.

Song Comments

This is another one I'm adding for my Andrew. :)

They are just so marvelous...

Distort The Scene 01
great band

Poets & Carnivores
I'm on fire with or without space invaders.

Politics Of Pop (Smart Writing & Indica)
I'm on fire with or without space invaders.

The Mountain
I'm on fire with or without space invaders.

Lizards and Leprechauns
I can't get over the Arcade Fire. I saw them live and had a profoundly religious experience. They are amazing.

The Good Stuff 4U
Great band. Great song. Period.

WHAT! Surely this is not THE Arcade Fire and why are they at IMP, this self declared indie site? Well, take a look around and you'll find many more BIG names like Nine Inch Nails, David Crosby, Norah Jones, Aimee Mann, Merle Haggard, Rumer, Suzanne Vega, The Human League even Johnny Cash and Brian Wilson. The thing is, many of these artists have true empathy with struggling indies... some of them have been there themselves... but certainly many were, and still are a great inspiration to us and it's good to have them around. Being a signed artist is just something that used to happen more in the past so we won't hold it against them :)

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