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Monday, March 22, 2021 8:55:32 PM
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Monday, March 22, 2021 8:55:32 PM
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"Fine"... hmmm.... Beatlesesque choruses... trampy, campy, cabaret verses... and a bridge that gets right in your face and, well... scares the faint of heart... listen for yourself!

written by: Melanie Krahmer & Rich Libutti
lyrics by: Melanie Krahmer
copyright 2004 sirsymusic(BMI)
All Rights Reserved.

Vocals: Melanie Krahmer
Bass and a Few Guitar Tricks: Rich Libutti
Guitar: Andres Jatombliansky
Drums: Greg Nash

It’s 4am at the grocery store
No one here
Asks me why

I’m sitting still with the paperbacks
Trying hard
Not to cry

Scan my way over the magazines
Seventeen easy ways to keep your guy

If I could drive you out of my mind
Then I could say that everything’s fine

So I’m frozen here like the Popsicles
What went wrong

Florescent light buzzing up above
Sings to me
Girl be strong

With a lost dog
And a pick up truck
I could easily be the subject of a country song

So, if I could drive you out of my mind
Then I could say that everything’s fine.

What does it mean
To Be Sorry
Please let this be
Just a bad dream
‘Cause I keep seeing you there smiling
That smile was supposed to be just for me.

So, if it was “just a kiss”
Like you said
Then why do I fancy you two dead.

She’s all lipstick and cigarettes
And she’s all the stuff that turns your head

If I could drive you out of my mind
Then I could say that everything’s fine. Yeah, I’m fine.
Song Comments

You've gotta hear this..
wow. the bridge is smokin' great, powerful tune

Just a kiss? Drive it out of your mind in your monsterTrack!

quirky pop 801
typical moody minor groove. the little vocal wavy thing gives it enough quirk for me though.

So cool and jazzy-groovy but this little kitten can grrrowl and sing that it's all fine just cause ya left her for some dish with a skirt thats blowin up in the wind...ahh..don't worry, cause everything for Sirsy is jes FINE!

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