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From the CD - Angels & Demons
You're hearing it first!

reached  # 1 on  KIAC Big 50   

Written by Cindy Alexander & Paul Trudeau
Copyright 2001 All Rights Reserved
Produced by David Darling
Production Copyright 2004 Jam Cat Records - All Rights Reserved
For more info. please contact Toni Profera/ The Core: 818-788-8930

Inspired by video footage that I saw of the Columbine shooters...they were discussing their plans for the big event and preparing to become "famous." This is a song about the dark side of fame and how everybody, in some recessed corner of their mind seeks validation.
I'm pretty sure that Jesus lives right next door to me
I can tell by the way he's always alone
He plays the beat box to the birds on the laundry line
And I can hear him through my bathroom window

I'm pretty sure that Elvis lives right next door to me
I can tell by the way he's always alive
He's got his lady leanin' up against the wall
and I can hear them through my bathroom window

and it's so obvious
I live like Narcissus
But if I fall I swear
gonna leave a crater there

and I'm

Gonna be on MTV
Get a street named after me
No one will ever dare to say
We were only half way there
After all that we've been through
I'm gonna be the death of you
and I wanna be
in your eyes

Pretty sure your Mama thought that you would be okay
I can tell by the way she covers her eyes
The dog is in the playpin and the coffee kettle's screaming
Get me out before they let the cops in

Is it so obvious
We live like Narcissus
And in your eyes I see
what could become of me

yeah I'm...


In your eyes I see
What they did not believe
You are my alibi
I never meant to lie
And it's so obvious
We live like Narcissus
But if I fall I swear
I'm gonna leave a big ol' crater there

I'm pretty sure that Jesus lives right next door to me

Repeat chorus w/ tag (extra line):

I want the world to know that I'm alive
And I wanna be
in your eyes x
Song Comments

I got to meet Cindy and Christian this summer in Kansas Toto. Truly fantastic musicians! Cindy is arguably the best indie female vocalist period. This is the first single off of her third, soon to be released CD.

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Great Alternative Song

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Nothing lives forever, except this track

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Cindy has a great voice and passion for her saviour and the way the world is going...we could all use a little more positivity!!

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Cindy was inducted into the "Legends of IAC". Bravo for you, Cindy!!

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This tune IS Immortal...

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Should be on MTV, if there still were an MTV.

A former NUMBER 1 AT IAC from the newly releashed Angels and Demons CD! Hit melody and lyrics(CLICK ON THIS SONG AND GO READ WHAT IT'S REALLY ABOUT) and top notch performance! All I can really say is Cindy sincerely rocks! Try her out. You won't be disappointed. Also, having seen her live several times, believe me, she is even more than her recordings. Look for her maybe coming through a city near you. If so, don't miss her!

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This song is another one of Cindy's finest! Go read about what the song is based on. It will surely always be remembered as one of Cindy's very best. Immortal this tune will be. Rock on Cindy!

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One of Cindy's very best and she is one hell of a great songwriter! Give her a spin and see why this lady resides in the hallowed "Legends of IAC." She is something very special! Rock on always Cindy!

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Great vocals and overall production in this piece from Cindy Alexander.

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a "I don't like Mondays" for the Columbine generation.

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a "I don't like Mondays" for the Columbine generation.

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a great singer-songwriter who's been on IMP since its early days.

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