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Split Radio
a tad cool I must say.

This is a very... happy... song. They're good, though. Yay Canadians!

The Good Stuff
Kurt, Dan, Neko, and company. One of the best, most creative damn power pop bands in the world.

Fun Tune, I like the feel and the chick has a great set of pipes ! good listen ..

Hope Street
It wasn,t me

The freshmaker's list makers
New porno is cool

the indie rock station
i first fell in love with the new pornographers after reading about them in canada's 'chart' magazine. what a huge band! this track is bursting with energy and big, big sound.

this band rips! i wish they had more songs on their page! like mass romantic,, ,, i love when neko case sings! and i tell you, a.c. newmann is one of canada's most creative pop writers. hands down.

Indie underground cacophony
Oh my...these guys and gal rock!

Excellent,creative upbeat indie power-pop song with fab inventive backing vocals and sunny kissed hooks..

off the beaten track of folk rock, but it is Canadian eh

49th parallel
This is one hell of a great song. what fine vocals, harmonies and just a great rockin tune

The Metro Underground
This is a good song by The New Pornographers but is far from their best. Listed here only because if you haven't heard TNP then you should. TNP is Canada's punk-pop supergroup! A must in any serious music collector's collection.

The Law is laying low here on the Curse!

To those outside a group of tape-circulating friends in Vancouver, the New Pornographers were announced to the world earlier in 2000 on the Mint Records release called The Good Jacket Presents Vancouver Special, a compilation to benefit the charity A Loving Spoonful. The track, “Letter From An Occupant,” caused an immediate stir of excitement amongst anyone who heard it — from campus/community radio programmers to John Sakamoto of “Anti Hit List” to Edge 102. A driving rock song — “more straightforward than anything I’ve ever done,” Carl says — it featured epic, improbably soaring vocals from Neko Case, with chugging guitars and backing woo-woo vocals aplenty, a rock tour de force

Kayak Number One Songs!
week 72

eYe 2
Fellow Canucks, from the land of the great white north, who can produce better sounds then this, that is why Canada is great, we have the most original, dynamic and amazing bands and solo artists in the world.Tripping outstanding high energy intense and just plain good listening muse and just a great rocking cooking vibe, aint it great, to be great like us, yes it is, the eYe has spoken, now back to our regular programming. later

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